Red Dead Redemption DLC: Legends and Killers Pack: Tomahawk, New Maps, New Characters, and More

Red Dead Redemption DLC: Legends and Killers Pack: Tomahawk, New Maps, New Characters, and More
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“Legends and Killers”

The first paid DLC package for Rockstar Games’ massive hit Red Dead Redemption went live on August 10. With a new weapon, new levels for online play, and a large number of new playable characters for multiplayer, it’s pretty much assured that it will be a massive success.

Read on for a full rundown of the “Legends and Killers Pack” and all of its great features.

The Tomahawk

The tomahawk is “Legends and Killers’” sole new weapon. This throwable axe deals massive damage, and is used in a similar fashion to the throwing knives that are already in the game.

Capable of one-hit kills and completely silent, the tomahawk should be the weapon of choice for those who wish to do their slaying without waking the neighbors.

The new weapon also comes with its own new set of challenges including total kills and headshots, and a special achievement for tomahawking someone in mid-air.

New Playable Areas

Red Dead Redemption’s single-player and free roam modes feature a massive open world, but the multiplayer matches tend to take place in smaller segments of the world specially tweaked for specific match types.

Legends and Killers adds several new locations to these matches including the city of Blackwater, Manzanita Post, Thieves’ Landing, and Rio Bravo.

New Playable Characters

Buffalo Soldier Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Pack

Legends and Killers also features several new characters for use in multiplayer. These characters should seem familiar to anyone who played through Red Dead Revolver, the prequel to Red Dead Redemption.

New characters include: Red Harlow, the protagonist of Red Dead Revolver, Annie Stoakes, a gunslinging cattle rancher not dissimilar to Bonnie MacFarlane, Jack Swift the English pistol duelist, Buffalo Soldier, a former U.S. Army Soldier still in uniform, Shadow Wolf, a shirtless Native American and cousin of Red Harlow, Pig Josh, an enormous TNT-slinging circus performer, Ugly Chris, a one-eyed bandit, and Mr. Kelley, the black suit wearing gunslinger.

Each of these characters will be selectable in both free roam and competitive multiplayer, but they will not retain their special abilities from Red Dead Revolver, unfortunately.

More Red Dead Redemption DLC On the Way

Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Pack

The “Legends and Killers” pack is available both in the Xbox Live Marketplace and in the Playstation Store. The pack will cost you 800 Microsoft Points or ten dollars, and is approximately a 40 megabyte download.

“Legends and Killers” is just the first of several planned DLC expansions for Red Dead Redemption. Three more packs are in the works, including “Liars and Cheats,” “Free Roam,” and “Undead Nightmare.” If all three upcoming packs are as interesting as this first one, gamers are going to be dropping a pretty penny to pick them all up.

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