Red Dead Remption XBOX 360 Preview and Release Date

The GTA Western – Red Dead Redemption XBOX 360 Preview and Release Date

Red Dead Redemption: Riding around the Wild West.

The first Red Dead game was a decent effort, but it was not great. It was also a half complete title they inherited from another developer, so it was never fully their own project. They completed the game’s development but they didn’t create the game from scratch.

With Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has developed the game from scratch. With this fact in mind, the game should be great as they look to revitalise the Western game genre. The genre needs it as well because there haven’t been many games released in the genre, nor great ones.

While calling the game ‘the GTA Western’ might be doing the game a disservice, it does share a lot of elements with the GTA series. Namely the mission structure and open-world environments. Of course, it should also feature the GTA series’ penchant for quality or, if you prefer, Rockstar’s penchant for quality.

John Marston: An Unlikely Hero

Red Dead Redemption: John Marston.

Into the lawless land of the Wild West comes John Marston, the character you control. He’s grizzled and he’s not exactly the nicest man around, though he’s trying to turn his life around. However, his plans get interrupted by several men (belonging to what’s the start of the FBI) wanting him to find and bring one of his old running buddies to justice for them. To have leverage against John, they threaten his family so that he has little choice but to saddle up again and return to his roots.

The land he rides out into is undergoing a time of change as the lawless nature of the west is beginning to give way to the coming of law and order and it is this setting that John, among other characters, must get used to.

An Open World With Plenty To Do

Red Dead Redemption: A Wide Open World.

Like with GTA, there is the promise of gamers being given a massive game world to explore, with plenty of things to do. However, it’s possible that when you hear this, you think ‘a wide open world with little happening because there’s a lot of barren countryside’. Well, according to Rockstar, this definitely will not be the case. Not only will the game feature plenty of things happening in the countryside, but Rockstar claims the world is certainly one of the biggest they’ve done yet.

For instance, to give an impression of what may happen when you’re travelling the countryside, you may happen across a robbery taking place and you can choose whether to intervene or not. In addition, you could run foul of the local wildlife and you can also hunt them for their skins to sell for money.

A Long Plot Filled With Many Great Moments From Westerns

Red Dead Redemption: A scene from one of the missions.

Rockstar also promises that the game will be filled with many great moments, reminiscent of scenes from Western films. You’ll have the duels and stand-offs that Western films seem to love. Then you have the stage-coaches being chased by men on horseback.

The game aims to capture everything great about Western films, while offering a mature plot and characters that Rockstar are well known for. With the physics engine from GTA 4 powering the game as well, it should definitely be able to deliver on capturing the feel of Western movies and also providing realistic shoot-outs (and reactions to getting shot).

Red Dead Redemption XBOX 360 Preview and Release Date: Look for the game in stores on the 18th of May in the US and the 21st in Europe and Australia. It should be a great game.

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