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    • Sony PlayStation 3 Remote Control for Blu-Ray and DVD Movies
      Why bother using a PS3 game controller when you can spend about 20 bucks to get a regular remote control that uses its own batteries instead of running down the internal batteries on the controller? It's also a lot easier to use than the game controller.
    • Review of the Playstation 3 Eye
      The Eye is a glorious hands free device that allows users to communicate, it not only leaves your head free of a headset, but it also adds a slew of other new and unique opportunities to Playstation 3 gamers!
    • Super PS3 Controllers That Are Just Too Cool
      Looking for more PS3 controllers for your console? How about just some cooler ones, or maybe wireless? Well, here are some of the coolest PS3 controllers out there that you simply have to see.
    • Playstation 3 Reviews
      The Playstation 3 has been on the lips and minds of everyone but what does it really contain and is it really as cool as they say it is? Well wonder no more with the help of these Playstation 3 reviews!
    • Review: PlayStation 3 Logitech Cordless Precision Controller
      I was looking for a cheapskates way to get out of having to hurl $60.00 out of my wallet for a second SIXAXIS Playstation 3 controller. When I came across the PlayStation 3 Logitech Cordless Precision Controller for only $30.00, I figured I had to jump on it.
    • Top 5 Playstation 2 Accessories
      The PS2 is one of the most popular consoles ever produced and has some excellent accessories for PS2 gamers. Any gamer looking to properly accessorize their system should seriously consider these five must-have PS2 accessories.
    • How to Set Up and Use the Playstation 3 BD Remote Control
      The Playstation 3 BD Remote Control is a must have for anyone who uses their PS3 to play Blu Rays or DVDs. Our guide will walk you through setting up and using this great accessory.
    • Review of the Text Link Remote: PS3 Texting Goes Remote
      Do you find the onscreen keyboard of the PS3 to be a pain? Those who do --just about everybody with a PS3-- can take heart now that the Text Link Remote has arrived. Why? Because this remote control also has a full keyboard that stays out of the way until needed.
    • Cross the Finish Line with the Ferrari Wireless Gamepad: A Wireless PS3 Controller For Today's Manic Gamer
      Wireless PS3 controllers are plentiful - but most are black and ugly. The Ferrari Wireless gamepad leads the race because it sports a shiny Ferrari finish that looks as good as it works. The F60 limited edition is so chrome and buffed that you might hate taking it out of the box.
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