10 Storybooks and Fairy Tales That Would Make Excellent Video Games

10 Storybooks and Fairy Tales That Would Make Excellent Video Games
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Who Doesn’t Love A Good Fairy Tale?

Although fairy tale based video games have been made before in the past, many of those made did not hold the key qualities I would personally look for in good video games, especially for the PS2.

Back in the day they came out with a darker version of Alice in Wonderland for the PC, but the games controls were pretty rancid, and getting past the first few boards without a cheat code was close to impossible. I won’t even mention the numerous glitches that game featured.

So, keeping with the greatest of the fairy tales, here are our top 10 that we feel would make great video games for any age gamer out there.

Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, is by far, a classical story that could easily become an awesome video game for the PS2, and other consoles. I want a dark version, one with blood, guts, gore, and of course glory. A bunch of creepy and unique characters to run into along my journey are also a must. There are just too many things that you can do with this fairy tale to make awesome video games out of it. Personally, I can’t believe that one, or more, hasn’t been done already.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is another tale that could easily be spun up into a very addicting adventure game for the PS2. Guts or no guts, a plot that surrounds itself around the original Jack and the Beanstalk story would be awesome. Your enemy? A frigging giant of course! There are just too many great types of video games that could be taken from this one fairy tale - platform games, mystery games, puzzle games… you name it, Jack and the Beanstalk could do it.

Little Red Riding Hood

Next we have Little Red Riding Hood. Why no game developer has touched this grim dark fairy tale yet is beyond me! The splendid details, fear, and anticipation that could be thrown into this story would have gamers around the world go wild with excitement. You could go either way with a story like this too. You could age Little Red Riding Hood, and make her a sexy dark force fighting acrobat, or they could keep her a small, yet witty child. It would be almost too easy to create one heck of a good video game, or several games, out of this wonderful story for the PS2.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is another one of those great fairy tales that could be warped into an all out adventure video game for the PS2. A game that would likely gear more toward younger children, by keeping things simple and easy. Or it could be twisted into a nice dark twisted plot for adults. Just depends all on what the developers would want to do with the story itself as to what type of video games would come out of this age old tale.


Cinderella - Give me dark, give me sexy, give me a nice adult oriented Cinderella game. Let me transform into rebellious Cindy, where I chop the heads off of my evil sisters, and poison my wicked stepmother! Give Cinderella some glory, some good old fashioned revenge. Or you can keep it the fuzzy, warm feeling fairy tale that we all grew up with for younger gamers. There are several different versions of this classic out there, that you could easily make it into several great video games for the PS2. In fact, I seem to remember a spin on this one called “Happily N’ever After” a few years ago that turned the whole Cinderella fairy tales of the past upside down!

The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman - The dark tale has always been one of Halloween’s favorite fairy tales, so why no one has bothered to spin out video games based off of this horrific tale, is still mind blowing to me. I don’t want to play the game as some wobbly scardey cat though. No, no. I don’t want to be Ichabod Crane, I want to be the horseman. I want to storm through villages, chopping the heads off of the innocents. I want to wear their heads in place of my missing one, and ride off into the night destroying everything in my path. Now, World of Warcraft does something around this every Halloween with the Headless Horseman quests, so why can’t console game designers take that into consideration and create me a great video game for my PS2 with it?

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff - 3 goats, an evil troll, a bridge that leads to a destination. I mean the plot is all there, so why not use it to create some sort of dark blood bath of a video games? I know I’d play it. And you know that other gamers all around the world would easily pick this one up and play either side as well.

Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs - No cartoon graphics please, give gamers hardcore killer graphics, with hardcore flesh eating pigs. The only enemy of course would be the big bad wolf, and his wicked little clan of wolves. This would make a great FPS or a sweet little platform game - either one would be cool. And, you could easily gear either take on this fairy tale to match your target market of gamer.

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus - Call me a nerd, call me a geek, but the Magic School Bus featured tons of books back from my childhood that I actually still have. They wouldn’t necessarily have to change this one up all too much in order to turn it into a PS2 video game. The cartoon graphics in The Magic School Bus would actually be really fitting. Shrinking the magic bus and moving through the insides of a human, animal, or whatever else one could imagine is just good fun, and of course a learning experience, if executed properly. It wouldn’t take much to turn a good after-school cartoon into something that younger gamers would absolutely love to play.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Now, what would happen if you created one massive video game out of all of Grimm’s Fairy Tales? I mean, think about it… hundreds of different fairy tales all rolled into one video game for your PS2. You would play as any of your favorite heroes or heroines, play against all those evil villains that you loved and hated growing up - or play as the villains against the forces of good. What a super awesome video game this would be - every fairy tale rolled into one massive slice and dice… wow. Who wouldn’t love this one?

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