The Last, Last Remnant Walkthrough: Cherry Pavillion to Darken Forest

The Last, Last Remnant Walkthrough: Cherry Pavillion to Darken Forest
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Cherry Pavillion

When you first appear on this level head left to find the map. If you go right and through the door you will find a damaged shield. Head through the double doors for a battle. Once you finish that you will appear in Fornstrand.


Head down the path and through the canyon, killing any crabs in your way. When you come to a choice of left or right, go right. At a second branch go left. Get the map and back track. Then carry on right. Follow this to the next section. You will come to another fork, the right path has a lot of treasures, an excavation and a diving point. Once you loot, come back and head out. Eventually, you will come to a transporter. For now pass it on by to trigger a cut scene.

Map Hopping

Now you are going to spend some time watching cut scenes. First visit Lord David in Athlum Castle, then the assembly plaza is Elysian. Back to Athlum Castle, then to Virtua Parish. Talk to the man with a red bubble over his head, then go back to the castle. After more cut scenes head back to Elysian, the plaza. After cut scenes, now visit both Ghor and Celapaleis castels. Once this is done, head back to Athlum castle. Finally a new area, Koenigsdorf and 6 bases will be revealed on the map. Before you can visit Koenigsdorf you have to beat all 6 of the bases.

Bases 1 through 6

The base combats are similar so we will cover them in one section. You will always be faced with gate guarding units. These will fall relatively easily and you will be taken into the boss battles. The easiest way to defeat these gateway units is to take out the enemies tactical leader. Focus your attacks here, and things will go quickly. Now, onto the bosses.

Base 1: Snievan

Take away the weaker units as quickly as you can, and be wary of his floppy eared friends. They carry some strong magical attacks. Snievan can take out whole units in 1 turn, so be wary, and ready to heal often.

Base 2: Zuido

Zuido’s fight will be near identical to Snievan, use the same tactics.

Base 3: Ludope

Get David to lead a unit, and try to get Gae Bolg used quickly. This will leave you with no one but Ludope to kill. Ludope likes to throw out curses, and has devastating attacks that can kill multiple units. It’s simply a matter of wearing him down.

Base 4: Hannah and Hinnah

These girls are fast, and will often get multiple attacks on your units per turn. The best option is to focus n killing 1 twin, then the other. The second kill will be much quicker.

Base 5: Young

You should go far as many simultaneous attacks as possible, even if it means breaking deadlocks. This will be a long fight so settle in and play for the long term.

Base 6: Milton and Cyclops

At base six you will end up with back to back boss battles.

He is pretty easy, just watch out for his “Iron will” ability. This allows him multiple attacks in a row. Once you are done with him you will go right into Cyclops. Cyclops has heavy damage attacks like Gae Bolg which will be used ever 3 turns. Your best bet is to stay on the defensive and use combination/special attacks when possible.

After each base you should be visiting the Duke of Ghor for goodies and possible side quest.


First you’ll get a cut scene, then you will be taken to a boss battle. Oddly enough the boss won’t even come onto the field until you have thinned out the herd. This boss, Ala Melvalana has range attacks that can damage all of your unions at once. Heal often and wear down, wait through the post battle cut scenes and then go talk to Lord David.

Darken Forest

Move forward until you trigger a cut scene that lifts the fog. When you came to a fork in the road. The left path holds both a map and cuchillions heart. If you want them take this path. If you just want to move forward with the game take the right fork. Go forward, over a stone bridge. Defeat enemies in your way on this twisting path until you come to doors. You will come to an intersection. Avoid left and right. Just go straight. Soon, you will come to a “T” style intersection. Head right and go down a new set of stairs stay left. When you come to another set of steps, take them down, and stay left. On your right you will see a path, take it keep going straight until you reach an open area. Here your boss battle. It will be easy, except for enthrallments that turn your own units against you. Defeat them, wait through the cut scenes and head back to David. You have to go visit “The Dragon Emperor”, but you can’t get there directly. You have to visit Mt. Vackel first.

Mt. Vackel

If you do not have this option right away, try visiting Berechevaltelle first.

Head forward, then at your first fork go left. Keep going up hill, killing enemies as you go. Keep heading up and left until you reach a new area. Now, you have to head up and right. Watch out for flying monsters and a rare beast (Heavens Lord). Once you beat the door monster exit to the world map.

Underwait and The Holy Plain


Head to “Castellum” on the city map, and wait through the scene. Do exactly what you see in that scene, and you will be in the throne room. Walk through the portal, and kill what’s on the other side. Keep going forward until you see mechanisms. This will trip automatically, but despite the pitfalls in this board you won’t get lost. Soldier on ahead, once you trigger cut scenes go back to the map.

Holy Plain

Wait through the cut scene and kill the elite units. Be wary of the dragon, once you do this head back to Athlum. Chat up both Lord David and Rush’s mom. Then head to Nagapur to chat with Oswald.

The Sixth and Seventh Path

The Sixth path

Once all the talking is done, head to the sixth path. The quickest way through this land is to take the forks in this order: Right, left then through a new area and down the stairs. Kill Gojun (a rare monster), take the door behind him to the seventh path.

The seventh path

Head straight until you come to a branching. Watch out for the harpies and go right, then a left at the next branch. When you come to a “T” go right. A second fork takes you left, pass it and go through the double doors. The boss battle is with the “Icy idol”. Wear it down, wait through the cut scenes and you will find yourself in the Sacred lands.

The Sacred Lands

Go through the door, wait for the cut scene, and activate the control mechanism. Head left until you reach an unknown device. Head to a second device on the right and you will move to a new level. Head to the left, kill the dragon and use the portal. This will take you to the last boss battle. This is a two part battle, just be aware that it will be long and require a lot of persistence. The only strategy is not to wear our your special attacks too early. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

Screen Shots

The Darken Forest in All Its Foggy Glory

The Entrance to The Scared Lands

The Dragon Emperor


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