The Ivory Peaks to The Aqueducts: A Last Remnant Walk Through (Page 1)

The Ivory Peaks to The Aqueducts: A Last Remnant Walk Through  (Page 1)
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The Ivory Peaks

When you first walk into the section you will notice two raptors. Stop before you reach these raptors and look on your right, here you’ll find a harvesting point. Deal with the raptors, and head down the path to where curves it left. You’ll notice a tree, this harbors a second harvesting point. After this tree hang right, and head down the passageway that leads to a sunken area. When you reach the treasure chest walk the wall counterclockwise. You will come to shimmering mosaic, this is your third harvesting point. Continue walking the wall and you will find a third treasure chest. Continue on this way and you’ll find your way out of the ivory peaks. Elysion will now be open on your map.


fter the cut scene, you will find yourself at the Elysion city map. Make your way to the Academy entrance hall by going to assembly Plaza and taking the stairs on the left, and the stairs back down. Here you should see a woman with a quest bubble. Talk to her, and you’ll discover your parents are trapped the sacred lands. Once you get this information head back to the city map and enter Tula Street. Wait through the cut scene, and then head back to assembly Plaza. Take the stairway on the right and you will see another lady with a quest icon. Talking to her will trigger the second cut scene, then head through the Ark Gate. You have now entered The Sacred Lands.

The Sacred Lands

Walk straight ahead and you will come to device. These devices help you move through The Sacred Lands. Continue using these devices to navigate through until you reach a large door. Enter the door, and you will trigger a cut scene. This will and you back up in Elysion. Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong. Make your way to the Genaade District, and seek out a temple. Inside this temple you will find a Qisti Monk Warrior with a quest bubble hanging over his head. Chat him up, and you will gain entrance to the catacombs.

The Catacombs

*A note to the reader: the enemies in this area are significantly more difficult than any you have faced previously. Do anything you can to increase your numbers, or strengthen your union before you begin this area. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to save after each combat, even if you don’t generally make a habit of this practice.

Head straight, and you’ll be confronted by a set of stairs. Head down the stairs and through the main door of the catacombs. Start by taking the path on your right when even a second door, you will have entered the eastern area. Keep heading down this corridor and you will notice a harvesting points. This has some pretty valuable metal so take time to stop. When you go through another door it will slam shut behind you. You will be trapped in a room with two enemies, and the doors won’t open until you defeat them. Once you do get past them head down the corridor and you will notice a door on your right. Enter this room and you will find a treasure chest. Once you have your treasure and back into the main path. Eventually you will come to a place we can make only a right or left. To the right you will notice a foggy pit. This pit holds a second harvesting point. Continue through the door on the side and you will find us at harvesting pit with rare materials. Note that if you encounter any monsters in this area, which is likely but not guaranteed, but the fog will make it impossible for you to run. The monsters however seem to be afflicted with no such fog slowness. Be aware, there is also a guild quests rare monster lurking in this area. When you come to room with the door on the right enter it. Here you’ll find a catacombs map. Leave the map room and head back down the path. You’ll enter a second area of fog, but keep an open mind for an alcove on the left. This house is some valuable treasures, especially if you go up the ladder.

When you reach the second ladder take it up, and head straight. After a while, you will reach the central area of the catacombs again. Keep walking, and you’ll hit a third patch of fog. Pass this patch of fog and go through the door. Make a left, here you’ll see another treasure chest. Head down the stairs, and through three doors. You may notice a transporter on the right. For now, keep walking by into the next area. Here you’ll noticed the harvesting point in the door on your left. The door is extremely heavily guarded, and all enemies will attack simultaneously. Save before you attempt to breach this door. Once you make it through this door you will find yourself back in front of Hendler in Elysion. If you head straight, you’ll notice the charming Miss Emma waiting with the quest bubble. Talk to Emma.

Numor Mines

Emma brings you to the Numor Mines. Unfortunately, you are all alone here. Head back to town briefly, and your party will group. Then you can continue on in the mines. Head down the path, you may see a door on the right, but pass it on. For now at least, there is nothing there of use. Opposite this you will notice an elevator. Take the elevator to the lower level and you will be rewarded with a treasure chest. Ignoring the side paths head straight, and you will see a second elevator on your left. Take this elevator down, just be aware that doing so can trigger enemies. It’s not a guarantee, but it is very likely. This elevator has two stops. The first one has a treasure chest, the second a harvesting pit. After that take elevator all the way to the bottom, and look left. Here you will find a treasure chest. Once you’ve gotten its goodies head to the right. On this walk, you will encounter two forks in the road. Take the left path both times in order to progress. There are treasures in the right paths, but they can be heavily guarded. You have to decide whether the risk is worth it. At the end of this path you come to a sealed door, and a teleporter. Enter the door, and you will be heading into the boss battle. You may want to save before doing this. This is a relatively low hit point boss, so don’t stress out over tactics. Once you defeat him head to the teleporter back to Athlum.

Heroic Ramparts

You’ll now have the Heroic Ramparts available on your map. Head on straight and eventually you will come to a fork in the path. Down the left you’ll have the opportunity to get a treasure chest, and a counter harvest point. Once you do this come back, and had to the right. Eventually you’ll encounter a gate. Go to the gate and turn left. If you walk along the wall eventually, you will come to treasure chest with a map. Once you do this head to the river, and walk it until you encounter the keep of the castle. Once you have gotten all of the goodies, head back to the main path and take it to the end. This will bring you back to the world map. It will also unlock Nagapur.


Enter the town and you’ll be in a section labeled Flussbahn. There’s not much to do here, unless you are entrenched in the side quests. Head to Nordenalm and find Emma. Take care of any shopping, or side quest business that you need to, then head to Athlum castle. You’ll now find that the Nest of Eagles is available on the world map. Head there for a big boss battle.

The Nest of Eagles

Here, you’ll encounter some serious firepower. Be ready for a lot of healing. The first boss you encounter has relatively low HP, and can’t seem to achieve multiple deadlock. This makes her an excellent candidate to die first. Castanea, however will present more of a challenge. Be ready for anything. Once you defeat them both you will automatically be taken back to Athlum Castle. Here you will be forced to endure more tedious cut scenes. Once these are done upgrade and get ready to move on again.

Nagapur Again

Walk straight to the back city wall. You should find Emma in this area. Chat with her, then find Lord David by the water. When you talk to him choose “Ready Steady” and you will taken to The Aqueducts.

The Aqueducts

Walk forward until you reach a water filled canal. Use the device in from of you to make a platform carry you across the water. Kill the enemies waiting for you and press on. You will notice a side path. Take it to find some treasure, then get back on the main path. Now you will come to a fork. Choose the left path. There is nothing on the right but battles. Cross another water gap the same way you did before. Keep on walking until you encounter another fork. Take the right path this time. Take this to the end to get a valuable treasure. Now cross the water again. On your right will be a pathway, take it. Once you get past the harvest point on this path be careful. Enemies will rush you left and right. When you get to the end of this path you will see a door. Enter the door. Take this to the end, and you will be rewarded with treasure. Backtrack to the beginning of the path, and take the path on your left. Follow this down a staircase and to another platform. Cross this to find your map. Ignore the ladder. Once you return you will see a passage on your left. Take it until you see a ladder. Climb up and hit the switch. A new passage and platform will open up for you. Make your way into the newly opened passage. When you come to a wooden door save, then enter for a boss battle. Defeat these harpies and you will go into a cut scene. At the end of this scene is a second boss battle. This is The Gates of Hell Monster. Take out his minions before he starts to move, if possible. Trying to do so after he moves is very hard. Be ready to heal frequently once the big boy starts to move. Finish him off to trigger a barrage of cut scenes. Save as soon as you have the chance.



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