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The Last Remnant Walkthrough: Timeshift Ability to Revisiting Robellia Ruins

by: KateG ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is a walk through of The Last Remnant for PC. It covers from when Rush gets the timeshift ability to your second visit to Robellia Ruins. The guide covers all the treasures and battles you will find in these parts of the game.

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    Dillmore and Timeshifting

    Upon your return to Dillmore you will get a message via your talisman. You are going to learn how to use the timeshift ability*. This ability will be useful in upcoming battles. Head directly forward and soon you will come upon a treasure chest with a significant amount of gold and sure leaves. Keep going over a hill and over a bridge and you will encounter a second chest with more bennies, most noticeably a town map. When you come to a fork make a left and you will get to fight some evil sentient plants. Once you kick their butts you will be sent back to Athlum castle.

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    Athlum and The Mysterious Lady Quest

    After a cut scene and a brief introduction to your union board you will land in the Town Center. Since you now have the capacity to have 2 unions and your party is empty it is time to hire on some help. That means you should heed to Virtus Parish.

    Virtus Parish

    Make your way to the Union of the Golden Chalice. Hit up the man behind the desk. Take the “recruit leader” option. For now there will only be two available and if you can afford it, get both of them. If you only have enough money to get one the choice is really irrelevant.

    The Mysterious Lady

    Once you have equipped your new hired help head to the pub. On the right you will see an NPC labeled “Mysterious Woman”. She will give you a side quest that is not really a side quest. Essentially you are acting as a delivery boy. You will be auto navigated to Robelia Ruins again.

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    Robelia Ruins (Again)

    Straight ahead you will find Yama, the person you are delivering to. Once you make the delivery you will be taken back to Athlum. Collect your 100 gold. You will now have access to a bevy of side quests if you want them. To get back on track talk to the bartender to get access to Celepaleis.

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    *Notes On Timeshift

    The timeshift ability is gained during this section of the game. This ability is noteworthy because it allows you to unleash a fairly powerful attacks on all enemies in a combat. While you can reserve this ability for boss fights (and you will need it in places where the boss has a lot of human shields) you may want to try it out on one of the dozen small combats in these levels.

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