Celepaleis to Blackdale: A Walkthrough of The Last Remnant

Celepaleis to Blackdale: A Walkthrough of The Last Remnant
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The main attraction in Celepaleis, for now, is a craftsmen on your right. You will know him by the quest lean over his head. This guy can make you any number of useful items. Before he can customize anything for you however you have to do something for him first. You have to get some light metal. Like everything in this game however this will not be a simple shopping trip. Make your way back out to the city map and visit the newly minted Lamberro District.

Lamberro District

In this area you will find a pub. In that pub, on your right will be the needy craftsmen. He will introduce you to a new friend, Mr. Diggs. Digg’s will help you to acquire the needed metal. Once the conversation is over you will be taken back to Gaslin Caves.

Gaslin Caves

You and Diggs will find that harvesting the metal is easy enough straight ahead you will find a glittery section of the cave where Diggs can harvest your metal. Once you have your metal you will be taken back to Celepaleis. An astute player will notice a soldier with a quest bubble over his head. Lord David has need of you. Don’t rush though. Do your upgrades and any shopping before you head back to the castle.

Athlum Castle

The cut scene in the castle will yield you three things: A new outfit, a larger party and Blackdale on your world map.


This level begins with a cut scene that leads directly into a battle. Jager, your boss du jour is polished off pretty quickly. Just be sure to focus on him, and not the minions as long as he is alive more will arrive. Once you polish him off, head into Blackdale proper. At your first intersection turn left. There is nothing on the right for you currently. You will come to another intersection with 3 options, left, right and straight. Explore both left and right for important component like stone, copper and oil. Go straight last over the stone bridge you will find another path on the right. Explore it for a treasure chest that is pretty full. You will encounter a battle here, but it won’t be too difficult. Back on the straight path you will encounter a sapphire path. Keep going straight and eventually your path will widen. Open the chest and save before going any further. You will find a Marsh Dig site, which makes Mr. Diggs happy. This is his food, and increases his capacity. Once you have the morsel head on. Soon you will trigger a cut scene and begin your last battle in this town.

Your opponent is surprisingly strong and shoots fire. He can damage all of your unions at the same time. So be ready to heal often. Beating this Idol can take some time and be deeply frustrating. Just remember that protecting your own union is paramount. Guest unions can die without consequences, but if your unions bite the big one your game will end.


The Sapphire Mines

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