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Lost Saga Cowboy Guide
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Yippie Ki-Yay Cowboy

OG Planet’s popular new MMO action game, Lost Saga, offers up a wealth of opportunities for gamers to explore, especially when it comes to character classes. One of the harder to use but more rewarding characters available to play on the game would easily have to be the rope-swinging, pistol toting, jeans-wearing Cowboy. Cowboys manage to offer up a fair amount of damage at a medium range while giving players a little bit of something to stave off up-close melee fighters with a quick evasive skill.

For gamers who have never played as the Cowboy and want some tips, tricks and strategies on how to play them, as well as what to expect when playing them, or for players who have already made the Cowboy their number one choice but still need some help mastering their skills, then this Lost Saga Cowboy guide will be just the thing you need.

Pistol Whips And Quick-Draws

Pistol whipping a skeleton

Like any character class on any RPG, players need a reason to enjoy playing as a particular class. Not only that, but the distinction that makes the class unique needs to stand out enough to give players reason enough to stick with that class. In the case of the Cowboy hero class in Lost Saga, it’s a little unlike any other classes on any other action-RPG. The main reasons being is that the Cowboy is generally a long-range character that can’t snipe unless his pistol is fully charged, a little like a stunlock build for the Scout on Allods. Even then, the accuracy of his shot when fully charged can’t really be considered ideal for sniping at long ranges. Instead, the Cowboy is a mid-ranged, projectile character who deals good combo damage due to the stun-effect every shot induces when using the pistol.

Up close the Cowboy does very little damage to opponents, and basically pistol-whips a little bit of HP out of foes when he’s close. This is only efficient when used in combination with shooting an opponent first and then whipping them to the ground. Now, due to the fact that most of his attack skills can hit multiple opponents kind of makes the Cowboy good for getting out of a tight bind if multiple opponents are crowding in front of him. Still, the class requires a fair amount of skill to use effectively, especially in close-quarter combat.

Cowboy Skills And Tricks - Part 1

Firing at opponents in PvP

Aim + Fire: Unlike melee characters who charge up their weapon and do a devastating sweep or blunt strike, the mid-range and long-range characters who use projectile-based weapons can fire their weapons instead. For the Cowboy he fires a single shot from the pistol, which players can aim. Holding down the attack button even longer allows the Cowboy to fire an extra powerful blast that goes about an entire screen-length before fading.

Triple-Shot: While the single shot isn’t so much a skill as it is a necessary attack, the Triple-Shot skill actually has to cooldown and can’t be used in rapid succession. Hence, it’s important to level this skill as often as possible, because it shoots three bullets at opponents, air-juggling them for three consecutive hits if they happen to be in the line of sight. If done correctly, teammates can further air-juggle opponents when using the Triple-Shot skill, making it ideal for team-prisoner and team-deathmatch rounds.

Cowboy Skills And Tricks - Part 2

Working with a Taoist to fight a boss

Reload: Cowboys get an initial 9 shots in their revolver before having to reload. They will automatically reload if the ammo reaches zero, however if players are feeling insecure about having a few shots left in the chamber, a forced-reload can be used by holding down the block button.

Roll: Another skill that is effective for getting out of a tough bind is the Roll skill. This skill is used in place of dashing for the Cowboy. Double-tapping a directional button will cause the Cowboy to roll (or dodge) in that direction.

High Jump: As if being able to roll around isn’t enough, Cowboys also have an extra high-jump ability that allows them to float a little higher in the air a little longer than most other classes, which gives them time to aim and shoot at opponents on the ground. This can be achieved by simply holding down the jump button longer than usual.

Using a machine gun when the going gets tough

Quickdraw: This is skill is the ultimate Cowboy attack that allows players to dish out damage to anyone within range. The added bonus for this skill is that opponents don’t fall down, they instead get stunned allowing for a follow-up combo attack.

Back-Dash: Cowboys can do a quick-dash backwards, usually to get out of the way of melee attacks or slow-hitting combos. This skill is best used in combination with the Triple-Shot.

Hogtie: The trinket skill of the Cowboy includes a hogtie rope ability that can tie-up opponents for a brief amount of time, if it lands on them.

Cowboy Tips And Strategies

Cowboy for the win

A few strategies that work well for Cowboys would probably include honed use of the Triple-Shot and Aim+Fire skills. Anytime the Triple-Shot skill is charged, it’s best to use it right away. Alternatively, if you wait and use it while your ammo is nil, it won’t take any ammo and you can still shoot and get a three hit combo.

Another tactic to keep in mind is to reload as often as possible whenever you’re not engaged in combat. One of the reasons for that is because Cowboys move twice as slow when reloading, which can leave them extra vulnerable for combo strikes and hard hits.

Also, when playing as a Cowboy don’t forget to combine Back-Dash with Hogtie, oftentimes if you use Hogtie directly after Back-Dash you’ll instantly tie-up an opponent, which is great for launching a counter-strike against them.

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