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One of the earlier character classes players will unlock during the starting segments of OG Planet’s free-to-play action-MMO, is a Knight. So what can a knight do and why are they worth any of your time on the game? Well, other than being a cheap melee character to purchase from the shop, and having some of the best all around skills on the game for close-quarters combat, the Knight packs a considerable punch when leveled properly and carries a fair share damage and speed when attacking.

This Lost Saga Knight guide will help lay out some of the skills, pros, cons, tips and strategies for playing as the Knight class in the popular free-to-play MMO.

Attack, Defense And Tactics

Celebrating a premature victory

The Knight class on the game comes with a shield, a sword, a helmet and his standard armor set. The Knight’s main focus is on sustaining fast striking combos and keeping enemies at just enough distance so that they don’t inflict too much damage on him using a passive push-away skill. When going against other players the strong point of a Knight lies in his ability to exact lightning fast combos that do a decent amount of damage, while using his counter-attacks to dissipate damage.

The skills of the Knight focus primarily on counter-defense and dishing out some moderate damage using quick strikes and stun moves.

Knight Skills For The Hardy Warrior – Part 1

Triple Slash skill

P. Thrust: This is a powerful strike attack that thrusts towards nearby opponents. This attack is initiated when holding down the main attack button. This skill is quite quick and can be executed as a nice counterattack when in short range or while finishing up a combo.

Counter: Knights have the unique ability to instantly counter incoming attacks and special melee moves while blocking an attack. By initiating a block and pressing the attack button Knights can quick-counter incoming attacks, which works perfect for 1-on-1 encounters.

Shield Siegel: This is a passive skill that has continuous effect whenever another player or NPC attempts to execute a combo on the Knight. It keeps pushing opponents back the closer they get while using a combo, making this an excellent skill when fighting against other melee classes.

Another combo attack

Headbutt: This is a simple attack-stun that briefly stuns an enemy while dealing moderate damage. This skill is best used when following up with a string-combo attack.


Triple Slash: This skill enables players to use a three-hit combo attack that can also be used as an alternative air-juggle. It’s oftentimes best to use a headbutt and then a triple slash attack for maximum damage.


Haste Aura: This is a quick-skill that enables Knights and fellow nearby teammates to get a speed boost. This works excellent for fighting boss characters or character classes who tank a lot of hits.

Epic Knights

Using the Haste Aura skill

Each class has an epic set of equipment that can be earned or unlocked while playing the game. However, earning epic sets is no easy task unless you’re willing to pour real money into the game to buy cash shop items that may or may not unlock what you need. A few alternative items worth having for the knight include hats that deal damage, such as the berserker or the boxer, and armor that compliments the Knight’s speed and agility. Nevertheless, unlike some of the other classes on the game, the Knight’s standard equipment set is one of the best and it’s only really necessary to look into upgrading that equipment only after getting higher in level or when frequently competing against other players who use high quality items.

Still Want To Play The Knight?

A Knight cleaving a zombie

Even though the Knight is a decent all-around melee character, it’s not necessarily the best character class for all melee scenarios. Due to the short range of the Knight’s sword and his moderate movement speed, it does require some skill to fight other classes who have strong long-range defenses, such as the Taoist or Robin Hood, as well as long-range characters such as the Cowboy or the Soldier.

A few tips for defeating these characters would include jumping frequently, and using the Knight’s counter-attack as often as possible when you close the distance. Otherwise, characters with a longer range can keep hitting the Knight with short, quick combos to wear down the Knight’s defenses while preventing him from dealing damage. For characters who need to setup their attacks from a long range, simply hop in close and instantly start blocking, and then follow it up with a combo.

If you still need help with playing the Knight be sure to visit the Official Website. For more MMO class guides and RPG walkthroughs, be sure to check them out here at Bright Hub.

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