Need for Speed Shift: Strategy Guide, Hints, Tips & Tricks For The PS4

Need for Speed Shift: Strategy Guide, Hints, Tips & Tricks For The PS4
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Need for Speed Shift is a really fun racing game with tons of cars to drive and tracks upon which to race. In this guide, I will give you some pointers on how to get the most out of the game. These are not cheats, but instead strategies that will help lessen the time it takes to get you to the finish line.


The controls in this game tend to be overly touchy. I had the most trouble when coming out of a curve and trying to straighten the wheel because the car would fishtail back and forth across the road. In real life, it would be as if I were jerking the wheel instead of smoothly turning it. I was steering the wheel by moving the thumbstick left and right, and I was pushing too far due to the sensitivity of the controls.

I finally figured out the best way to steer the wheel is to keep the thumbstick pushed forward, or up, and then move from side to side with it up. This gives you the added resistance of the stick being pushed against something, and it is much easier to make slight left or right movements when you roll it across the top of its rotations as opposed to just freely moving it left or right. Give this method a try and you might be surprised at the results.


NFS Shift

This game is all about cornering. If you learn how to take corners without running off the track or crashing into any other vehicles or obstacles, then you’ll win every race you enter. The hard part is timing your braking and acceleration along with your steering so that you go into the corner at just the right speed and likewise come out of it at the right time. I’ve found that in most races you can’t win by speeding past the other drivers, so you have to outdrive them instead.

The secret to proper cornering is that you need to slow down before you get to the turn, then accelerate your way out of it. If you have it in Easy mode, it will show the little green, yellow, and red icons on the road to indicate where you should hit the accelerator or brakes. Every turn is different in how you should react. The game’s guidelines recommend that you stay to the outside of the turn, but I personally prefer to stick to the inside or middle. If you stay too close to the outside and make a mistake in your speed, it is much easier to hit the grass or dirt and lose control.

Another method of cornering is considered dirty, but is quite effective. It is covered in the next session on how to be an aggressive driver.

Aggressive Driving

NFS Shift

Another way to do well in this game is to be an aggressive driver when the situation calls for it. Need for Speed Shift actually awards aggressive behavior because it does take some skill to pull off correctly. Otherwise, you mind end up costing yourself the race if your plan goes awry.

One of the best ways to use aggression to your advantage is when taking corners. Instead of worrying about the right speed in which to enter the curve, just run into the side of another car while they are trying to turn. Stick to the inside of the curve when you do this, and what will happen is you bump the other driver at full speed and save yourself the issue of turning properly. The only problem with this is that is requires good timing because if you miss the other vehicle then you will go flying off the road and hit a wall or spin out in the grass. Since this method is entirely dependent on the position of other drivers, you obviously can’t use it every time.

In addition to aggressive cornering techniques, you can use aggressive driving to your advantage in other ways. For example, if you are trying to pass another car and they are close to the side of the road, try to push them off the road. This will cause them to lose traction and slow down, and thus making it easier for you to pass them. Be careful when trying to T-bone another driver, because you can cause a lot of damage to your car and end up losing the race if you focus too much on trying to take out everyone else. It’s not that kind of game.

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