Mortal Kombat 2011 - Stage Fatalities List

Mortal Kombat 2011 - Stage Fatalities List
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Mortal Kombat (2011) - Stage Specific Fatalities Listing & Guide

The fatality is one of the most noticeable and unique mechanics of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Through the years, players have seen hundreds of different variations on bloody gore and violence. With animalities, babalities and brutalities, it was only a matter of time before stage fatalities made their way into the series. In Mortal Kombat (2011), stage fatalities are specified by the level the players are fighting on. As has been the case with previous games in the MK series, the stage specific fatality allows players to use the environment when executing the infamous fatality manoeuvre. This article will detail the different stage fatalities in MK9 as well as give information on what they depict when accomplished.

Where Can The Stage Fatalities Be Performed?

Only a select few stages within the game contain a set fatality that characters can execute if they win. There are nine separate stage fatalities split across seven different fighting arenas. While six of the stages contain one specific stage fatality, the PS3 exclusive level “Chamber of the Flame” has up to three different ones that can be performed against a defeated opponent. The six other stage specific fatalities – included on both PS3 & Xbox versions of the game – are as follows; The Pit, The Street, The Subway, Dead Pool, Hell and The Living Forest. Two of these, the forest & pit, both appeared in the demo version of the game, where players could practice the new stage specific fatalities.

MK 021

There are several things to note before ploughing through to the list of Mortal Kombat (2011) stage specific fatalities. Firstly, players should be aware that any character can perform the fatality, regardless of selection or stage chosen. How to perform the fatality is hindered by character choice however as the button combo will change depending on selected person. There is an achievement that nets players some points if they decide to complete a stage fatality with every character, therefore each of the 28 playable characters will have to perform one of the 6 (or 9 on PS3) stage fatalities. Perhaps the easiest to complete is on The Street, as it requires less direction changes than most other combos.

Guide To The Mortal Kombat (2011) Stage Fatalities

  • The Street - The character will toss his opponent into the line of traffic as a taxi rushes into his head, snapping it off, while legs are broken in the crash along with the rest of their limbs, still twitching while dead.
  • The Subway - Player will grab the opponent and lead them towards an oncoming train at the side of the tracks, letting their head bounce off the speeding locomotive, with multiple bumps and a ton of blood spurting out thereafter.
  • Dead Pool - The chosen character will uppercut the opponent into the pit of acid behind them, melting their skin away as they writhe in pain. Eventually a skeletal frame will be left in the green cesspit.
  • Hell - Grabbing their opponent, the character will push their head into lava before stomping their now melted skull into it once again, leaving a twitching corpse in the molten liquid without a skull but still amusingly keeping their hair.
  • The Living Forest - When close to a tree, the player will throw their opponent into it, allowing the tree to chew & eat the character in half, with legs flying out of its mouth in slow motion as the announcer chimes in with the classic “Fatality” line.
  • The Pit - Another simple uppercut with gory after-effects, like Mortal Kombat II, players will launch their opponent off the bridge into the spiked pit below, where impaling occurs. The daytime variant sees both the head and stomach of the launched opponent be impaled, instead of only the stomach.
  • Chamber of The Flame - The PS3 exclusive Kratos stage allows players the chance to choose between their separate stage fatalities. While holding their opponent off the edge of a bridge, they can either squash them between six pillars, a series of flames or between ten giant phalanxes.

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