Mortal Kombat 2011 Fatalities List

Mortal Kombat 2011 Fatalities List
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Is The Fatality A Cornerstone of Mortal Kombat?

While other fighting games may have a penchant for specific game modes, nuanced mechanics or bouncing breasts (thank you Dead or Alive), the fatality is a de-facto stalwart of the Mortal Kombat franchise. As video game players have grown to love it, we have seen multiple incarnations of the characters basic fatalities. When an opponent’s health has been depleted, the familiar call to finish them will be said by the announcer, giving players an opportunity to enact the fatality animation and decapitate, impale, immolate and kill their opponent. This article is a means to provide a list of the Mortal Kombat (2011) fatalities, with information on how to perform each of them, including the alternative versions for each character.

MK 029

All twenty-eight characters in Mortal Kombat (2011) can perform a default fatality as well as an unlockable fatality that is bought from the Krypt within the game. Once purchased, a hint will be displayed informing players of how to do the second fatality. As explained below, all of the fatalities have a specific distance from which they can be performed. The distances vary from full screen to close quarters. Both sweep & jump distance are relatively similar, although jump is slightly further away from the dazed opponent by comparison. Also, the name jump may be misleading to some, but it does not mean you need to be in the air or jumping to perform the fatality.

*Key - Character Name - (Fatality 1[Distance]), (Fatality 2[Distance])

  • Baraka - (back, forward, down, forward, Square[Sweep]), (forward, forward, down, down, X[Sweep])
  • Cyber Sub-Zero - (down, back, down, forward, Triangle[Jump]), (down, down, back, down, Square[Jump])
  • Cyrax - (forward, down, forward, back, Triangle[Close]), (back, down, back, forward, Square[Jump])
  • Ermac - (down, up, down, down, R2[Jump]), (forward, back, forward, down, Circle[Jump])
  • Jade - (up, up, down, forward, Square [Full]), (back, down, back, down, Circle [Sweep])
  • Jax - (back, forward, forward, back, Triangle [Close]), (forward, forward, back, down, X [Sweep])
  • Johnny Cage - (forward, forward, back, down, X [Close]), (down, forward, down, Circle [Sweep])
  • Kabal - (back, forward, back, forward, Square [Sweep]), (down, down, back, forward, R2 [Sweep])
  • Kano - (back, down, back, forward, Square [Sweep]), (down, down, forward, back, Circle [Sweep])
  • Kitana - (down, down, back, forward, Triangle [Sweep]), (forward, down, forward, back, X [Sweep])
  • Kratos (PS3) - (down, down, back, forward, Triangle [Close]), (down, back, down, forward, Square [Jump])
  • Kung Lao - (back, forward, forward, back, Triangle [Sweep]), (down, down, forward, back, Square [Sweep])
  • Liu Kang - (forward, back, down, down, X [Sweep]), (down, down, forward, down, Circle [Jump])
  • Mileena - (back, forward, back, forward, Triangle [Jump]), (back, forward, back, down, X [Jump])
  • Nightwolf - (down, forward, down, back, Circle [Jump]), (down, down, forward, back, Square [Sweep])
  • Noob Sailbot - (back, forward, back, down, Circle [Jump]), (down, down, back, down, R2 [Jump])
  • Quan Chi - (forward, forward, down, down [Sweep]), (down, forward, down, forward, Circle [Sweep])
  • Raiden - (down, forward, down, forward, Square [Jump]), (back, forward, forward, down, Circle [Sweep])
  • Reptile - (forward, forward, down, up, X [Sweep]), (down, down, forward, up, Square [Sweep])
  • Scorpion - (forward, down, forward, Triangle [Close]), (back, forward, back, X [Close])
  • Sektor - (forward, down, back, forward, X [Full]), (down, down, forward, back, Square [Full])
  • Shang Tsung - (back, down, forward, X [Sweep]), (down, down, back, down, Triangle [Jump])
  • Sheeva - (forward, down, down, forward, Square [Sweep]), (forward, back, forward, back, Circle [Sweep])
  • Sindel - (back, forward, down, forward, Square [Sweep]), (back, forward, up, down, Triangle [Sweep])
  • Smoke - (back, forward, back, forward, Square [Sweep]), (back, back, down, forward, Triangle [Sweep])
  • Sonya - (down, down, back, forward, Square [Jump]), (down, back, forward, back, Circle [Sweep])
  • Stryker - (forward, down, forward, X [Sweep]), (down, forward, down, forward, R2 [Sweep])
  • Sub-Zero - (back, forward, down, forward, Circle [Sweep]), (down, back, down, forward, Triangle [Sweep])

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