Mortal Kombat 2011 - Babalities List & Information

Mortal Kombat 2011 - Babalities List & Information
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Fatalities, Animalities, Brutalities, Multalities…When Will It End?

As many video game enthusiasts are aware, the fatality is one of the true hallmarks of any Mortal Kombat title and the series in general. With the advent of its success in the early-to-mid nineties, NetheRealm Studios decided to expand upon the concept, with a series of comical ways in which players could decisively finish their opponents. The animality saw players turn into animals and decapitate their foes while friendship, brutality and stage fatalities added even further customisation to a battles end. However, the most curious entry into this list is no doubt the babality, allowing players to turn their opponents into infant versions of themselves. This article details all the Mortal Kombat (2011) babalities that players can perform.

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Previous versions of the babality saw players turn their opponents into a baby form replete with similar attire and even nappies. In Mortal Kombat (2011), babalities are taken a step further, with characters performing a specific trait of theirs, one which defines the grown up self just as much as their infant version. These animations will be listed below, however it should be noted how to actually perform the babality or be given the opportunity to do so. In order to gain access to them, players must win a fight without blocking against their opponent in normal combat. This is difficult against other human opponents and most harder difficulty AI, hence the rarity of the phenomena. Boss characters require a specific action to automatically unlock a babality against them.

Mortal Kombat (2011) - Babalities List & Guide

  • Baraka - Gets stuck on his Tarkatan blades, as they dig into the floor.
  • Cyber Sub-Zero - Freezes himself with an ice bomb.
  • Cyrax - Cries after the bomb he was playing with explodes.
  • Ermac - Starts to cry when he can’t stop levitating.
  • Goro - Claps his four hands together and slaps himself in the face accidentally.
  • Jade - Throws her weapon, as it comes back and hits her, she begins to cry.
  • Jax - Hits the ground, causing small shockwaves, with his arms as he cries.
  • Johnny Cage - Writes on a note “To my best fan, Johnny Cage”, harking back to his friendship and the MK movie.
  • Kabal - Cries a puddle of tears after failing one of his moves and heads into the ground.
  • Kano - Falls over from the weight of his mechanical eye, begins crying when he can’t get back up.
  • Kitana - Begins to cry as the wind blows both her and her fans over.
  • Kintaro - Drinks the milk from a nearby bowl, as if he were a kitten.
  • Kratos (PS3) - Rips the head off a Medusa doll and then roars triumphantly, mimicking what he does in the God of War series.
  • Kung Lao - Is tossed to the side by a hellhound before he gets up and starts crying.
  • Liu Kang - Tries his cartwheel kick, only to fail and fall on his bottom, crying in pain thereafter.
  • Mileena - Throws a tantrum after falling over when charging her opponent.
  • Nightwolf - Is scared when he accidentally summons a wolf spirit and it begins to howl.
  • Noob Sailot - Creates an endless portal, crying as he falls infinitely through it.
  • Quan Chi - Drops a teleported skull on his head.
  • Raiden - Can’t control his summoned lightning and gets scared by its untamed movements.
  • Reptile - Turns into an egg and hatches while vomiting acid out of his baby mask.
  • Scorpion - Fails a spear attempt and creates a tear of puddles when he hits the ground.
  • Sektor - One of his rockets explodes near him, sending him flying into the air.
  • Shang Tsung - Happily absorbs the soul of a teddy bear.
  • Shao Kahn - Shouts “You Suck” at the player then laughs into the camera.
  • Sheeva - Stomps the ground a la her larger form.
  • Sindel - Fails a levitation attempts and cries afterwards.
  • Smoke - Farts smoke and cries after he smells it.
  • Sonya - Fails a bicycle kick and writhes in pain on the floor.
  • Stryker - Recoil of his gun makes him fall backwards and hurt himself.
  • Sub-Zero - Freezes his urine before slipping on it and crying.

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