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Metal Gear Solid: A History of FOXHOUND

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A group synonymous with the Metal Gear Solid series, FOXHOUND is a military group that has been used for both good & evil. This article looks at the history of the organization, detailing the key members & events that shaped the unit into one of legendary status, within the gameworld at least.

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    Metal Gear Solid: FOXHOUND Backstory

    FOXHOUND 002 As with numerous other buzzwords and gameworld entities, FOXHOUND holds a place within Metal Gear Solid fans collective consciousness. As part of the illustrious setting of the Metal Gear franchise, the FOXHOUND group is instantly recognisable, for both its history and membership within the created universe as well as its use of animal naming systems. This article details the history of the unit, chronicling why in Metal Gear Solid, FOXHOUND is a name to be feared and respected.

    Both Big Boss and Roy Campbell decided to form, or at least discuss the future creation, of a military group in 1970. With the FOX unit turning against the government that created it, during the events of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on PSP, Naked Snake decides to take on these traitorous soldiers. After quelling the unrest he and Campbell set about founding FOXHOUND in the aftermath of the victory against the renegade FOX unit. After some early covert operations, Big Boss left the unit in order to create Outer Heaven, returning during the events of Metal Gear in 1995.

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    The Metal Gear Solid FOXHOUND Rebellion

    FOXHOUND 001 Within this same time-frame, 1995 and the Outer Heaven uprising, Solid Snake would join FOXHOUND. He would infiltrate the Outer Heaven base and rescue Grey Fox while destroying the Metal Gear TX-55 weapon. While here, Snake would discover Big Boss’ betrayal, as his mentor would reveal his identity as the leader of the revolt. After this series of events FOXHOUND would gain world renown and Snake would once again end the grand designs of Big Boss some four years later -- in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

    In the intervening years between MG2 and Metal Gear Solid, FOXHOUND would be headed by Liquid Snake, the biological twin of Solid. In 2005, during the events of Metal Gear Solid, FOXHOUND would turn rogue. Liquid would lead an insurrection on the island of Shadow Moses where a new Metal Gear prototype was being held. This forced Solid Snake to come out of his Alaskan based retirement to try and take down the terrorist organisation (renaming themselves “Sons of Big Boss”).

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    Resurgence of FOXHOUND

    FOXHOUND 000 Throughout the remaining series of Metal Gear Solid, FOXHOUND would reappear in various forms, often in remedial or illusory form. For instance, Raiden is under the impression he is a member of FOXHOUND during the events of MGS2, being deceived by the GW artificial intelligence. Furthermore in Metal Gear Solid 4, Meryl and her Rat Patrol 01 unit are found to wear FOXHOUND patches on their armour, as a faux-disguise while inspecting the PMC’s.

    Finally, a word on the codename system FOXHOUND employs. Throughout the Metal Gear series, members of the unit have often used both a personal prefix and animal name, combining the two for their full codename. For example Solid Snake is composed of his personal identifier -- Solid being his name during the incubation period of his creation/birth -- and an animal name -- Snake being given to him by Big Boss. This animal based naming mechanic is also seen when completely one of the series games, whereby a screen will appear after the end credits, detailing your rank and overall game statistics.