Metal Gear Solid - Liquid Snake Character Profile

Metal Gear Solid - Liquid Snake Character Profile
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Metal Gear is one the most beloved and cited video game series to have ever existed. In it, the world of international conspiracy is brought to the forefront of the narrative, with Solid Snake battling the numerous enemies of a modern day techno-thriller. None of these enemies have the same longevity and juxtaposing contrast to Snake himself than his cloned twin sibling from Metal Gear Solid - Liquid Snake. This article will look a little closer at the man who would face Snake in battle during the first Metal Gear Solid and subsequently leave a legacy on the series continuity.

Liquid Snake would then join FOXHOUND, a year after both Solid Snake & Roy Campbell left the organisation in 1999, becoming the field commander thereafter. Five years on he formed the terrorist group “Sons of Big Boss” with Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf, Psycho Mantis, Vulcan Raven and Decoy Octopus. Their plan was to hijack the nuclear capable Metal Gear REX currently held on the island of Shadow Moses off the Alaskan coast. This would lead to retaliation in the form of Solid Snake’s solo-infiltration mission.

Liquid Snake’s Coup De Grace

These events would unfurl in the game Metal Gear Solid. Liquid Snake would eventually battle his twin several times. Surviving each skirmish to come back even stronger than before later in the game. Furthermore, Liquid Snake would leak vital information to Solid throughout the game, whether under the guise of Master Miller or not. He told Solid of the FOXDIE virus, the plot to create a nuclear winter by pitting the US against China, his supposedly “inferior” genes to that of his twin and the Pentagon’s deception towards Solid.

After the final series of battles between the siblings, his inferred “inferior” genes were revealed to be the dominant ones over that of Solid - with Liquid having the advantages of gene therapy and selection and Solid being given the supposed “recessive” soldier genes. After his apparent FOXDIE induced death, he never did find this out, although fans of the series were led to believe differently when Metal Gear Solid 2 finally hit store shelves in 2001.

Metal Gear Solid - Liquid Snake’s Legacy

Liquid 002

Now dead, the right hand of Liquid Snake’s corpse is grafted onto the severed arm of Revolver Ocelot, giving Liquid flashes of control over the aged Russian. This leads to his purported involvement in the events of Metal Gear Solid 2. Whereby, under the guise of Ocelot, Liquid tries to seize Metal Gear RAY. In order to better control Ocelot and accomplish this plan, Liquid tips off Solid Snake about the Big Shell cleanup facility and its top secrets contents, while also revealing his plans to destroy The Patriots.

In a surprising plot twist it is revealed that Liquid Ocelot, as he now became know during the fourth Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot combined, is just a ruse created by Ocelot to deceive The Patriots. This is revealed during a final encounter, mimicking the style of the battle atop Metal Gear REX in the original Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake/Ocelot battling Solid Snake hand-to-hand atop Outer Haven. This ended the legacy of Liquid Snake within the Metal Gear pantheon as he was finally revealed to be dead almost ten years prior.