A Collection of Metal Gear Solid Wallpapers

A Collection of Metal Gear Solid Wallpapers
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Metal Gear Solid Wallpaper Collection

Metal Gear is one of the most appreciated gaming series ever created. The adventures of Solid Snake have been ingrained on the social gaming consciousness with characters like Raiden, Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Otacon & Meryl all sharing in the illustrious pantheon also. This widely held appreciation stretches to all areas of gaming & other areas, with merchandise or fan-made items such as Metal Gear Solid wallpapers being commonplace on blogs, forums or message boards.

In this article, we look to provide a collection of Metal Gear Solid wallpapers, all for your viewing pleasure in the gallery below. All 12 of these Metal Gear Solid wallpaper choices will showcase each of the four games from the core series, excluding Metal Gear Solid wallpapers from Rising, Portable Ops or any other spin-off games and the NES releases that began everything. So continue on for the gallery of Metal Gear Solid wallpapers to peruse and look through;

Selection of Metal Gear Solid Wallpapers

The dimensions on each of these Metal Gear Solid wallpapers varies, while some retain a slightly outdated 1024x768 resolution, the newer high definition wallpapers will invariably have dimensions of 1920x1080 or some approximate denomination of that. As previously stated, each of the four Metal Gear Solid game releases are presented in this gallery above, with particular attention given to the latest & supposedly final release in the series, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots.

This emphasis on the newer game is down to the upgraded graphical capabilities, given its PS3 release, as well as the resolution being scaled higher on more recent content. It is also harder to find solid Metal Gear Solid wallpapers of the early games, especially with PS1 graphics being what they were -inherently an eyesore when looking back. Furthermore, the advent of Photoshop & graphic editing software is predated by the rise of MGS or to some extent MGS2, hence the lack of Metal Gear Solid wallpaper content.

Which Metal Gear Solid Wallpaper Will You Choose?

These 12 choices don’t cover the whole spectrum of Metal Gear games, let alone provide an in depth wallpaper collection of even one game such as MGS4. Hopefully these 12 do represent an overview of some of the better Metal Gear wallpapers currently available across the internet. Whereas there are plenty of official wallpapers that showcase one character, this selection has tried to provide more than just an Otacon or Meryl centric design, in favour of multiple subjects or the main subject (Snake) being shown in the art. If you are a fan of one character in particular, outside of Solid Snake, then there are plenty of individual character wallpapers around the internet for you to use.

Anyways, hopefully you’ve found a decent Metal Gear Solid wallpaper to use on your own desktop, or even as a static screensaver if preferred. Make sure you expand the image before saving it to your computer, by clicking the thumbnail on the gallery showcased above. For reference, right clicking on the expanded image will give you the save option. Beware however, having a massive Old Snake face on your PC screen whenever it boots up may be slightly harrowing, especially if it’s in a high resolution!