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Medal of Honor: Airborne - Walkthrough - Training and weapons

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is a walkthrough for Medal of Honor Airborne, part of the popular Medal of Honor franchise. This time round the game focuses on paratroopers, aerial assaults and landing correctly, as well as just plain shooting. To easily complete the game read through this MOH Airborne walkthrough.

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    Welcome to another walkthrough for Medal of Honor, this time detailing the scenarios encountered in the 'Airborne' installment which focuses on the paratrooper's landings and assaults in Europe. As with our previous walkthrough, this MOH Airborne walkthrough will look at weapons available and everything you need to do in order to complete each chapter successfully.

    Some chapters in the game have quite a number of objectives so these have been split into more than one part; the information for each objective is more specific and easier to read, so you can look through it and accurately complete the first 2/3 objectives in the chapter.

    Read onwards for a look at the available weapons in the game and the training mission.

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    The Armory: Some of the Available Weapons

    Many of the weapons found in the previous 'Pacific Assault' title are also present in this version of the game, but will still be covered in this MOH Airborne walkthrough. You also have the opportunity to upgrade your weapon, depending on how frequently you use it and your accuracy rate. With each upgrade your weapon will become more accurate and have a larger capacity: the upgrade happens automatically as long as you keep on killing with that particular weapon.

    .45 Colt M1911A1 Pistol - The same weapon as found in Pacific Assault guide, you can refer to it for more information. You can use the Colt for mopping up, or taking out remaining German or Italian soldiers at the end of a battle. The upgraded version is a nice weapon with match trigger and magnum rounds, packing a punch.

    Mauser C96 - This famous German weapon was not included in Pacific Assault, and is a classic World War 2 weapon with its distinctive box-magazine mounted in front of the trigger. With upgrades this weapon turns fully automatic and you also get a shoulder stock, like a rifle's one.

    M1 Garand rifle - As usual a great weapon, particularly if you are more of a precision shooter rather than a spray-an-pray guy. Since I used this extensively, I enjoyed the adjustable-sight and match-barrel upgrades, but the thing I enjoyed most was blasting everything when you mount an M7 grenade launcher as your final upgrade.

    Gewehr 43 - An interesting weapon, a semi-automatic rifle which also gives a grenade launcher as the final upgrade.

    Panzerschreck - You can only pick up this weapon often as part of an objective, which you will use to take out a tank (or more than a few soldiers if you have spare ammo.) It's recommended you make sure you hit the target before shooting as it will take an age to reload and the Panzer won't be happy.

    M1903 Springfield - The same sniper rifle as in Pacific assault, but still included in our MOH Airborne walkthrough due to the upgrades. The final upgrade also includes a grenade launcher, and previous ones make it reload faster and add stripper clips.

    Lastly you also get the Thompson machine gun, the B.A.R as in the previous game and mounted machine guns such as the MG42. Of course, all the Japanese weapons are not in this game.

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    Training Mission: Achieve a Flared or Greased landing

    Landing in the friendly-zone The training mission primarily, in fact solely, concentrates on landing accurately. If you get this right in the training mission you will not have to worry about real missions, as landing in enemy zone will get you killed. Landing is not terribly easy, especially in designated friendly zones with the green flare, so do the training mission more than once should you need to.

    In the real missions you get bonuses for landing in hidden zones.

    In the training mission, first jump off the plane then use the direction keys to maneuver your chute. Keep pressing the space key to use your flares as to slow down your fall. There are various landing zones in training, some more difficult such as the platform, and you can either botch your landing or achieve a 'flared' or 'greased' landing for bonuses.

    Good luck!