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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault – Walkthrough – Tarawa Bridge and Training

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a detailed walkthrough of one of the popular MOH titles, being the ‘pacific assault’ installment, where you will get to play through some of the most important theatres in the Pacific War.

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    MoH Pacific Assault

    The original Medal of Honor game, a first-person shooter set in the World War 2 era, begun on the Playstation platform, and featured various European missions which put you up against German soldiers. It proved to be very popular and eventually a series of sequels, expansions and single titles, were released up until this very year which saw the release of ‘Tier 1’.

    MOH pacific assault puts you in the role of Thomas Conlin and a group of marines which you can command, and will see you move through some of the primary scenarios and areas of the Pacific War; you will play through the attack on Pearl Harbor, move across the base on Guadalcanal and invade the Tarawa garrison. You can use your squadron to effect, either for cover or assault, and this guide will show you in detail how to complete each scenario.

    Continue reading for a detailed guide on the first chapter and the training mission, complete with screenshots and tactical tips; note that this guide will only show you how to complete each basic chapter, not how to achieve ‘Hero moments’ or medals.

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    Tarawa Bridge – Get on that Fifty!

    You begin this MOH pacific assault chapter in a landing craft armed with a 50 calibre Browning MG, with the rest of your company preparing an amphibious assault on the beach: your objective is to secure the beachhead. This level is just a prequel and you won’t need to worry about the objective as it will never happen.

    Shooting the enemy and the oil barrels After the introduction is over you’ll begin to control the Browning; being by aimed on your left-hand side, where the Japanese will constantly seek cover behind stacks and oil barrels. You can also aim at the barrels to take a few out.

    A mortar will rock your vehicle and you will have to continue by foot. Try to stay behind the various cover positions, press CNTRL to crouch if you need to, and move forward up to the shore. It isn’t particularly difficult although you can easily die because of the fire exchanges: the best way is to move swiftly without even crouching.

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    Take cover and await your death 

    As you reach the shore move left under the pillars and begin using your BAR, as enemy soldiers will begin to emerge from the beach. Take out as many as you can, until you eventually collapse and it all goes back to when you begun training.

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    Training Camp

    Training camp After the highly debatable history lesson by your superior, you will finally begin training before embarking on your first real mission in Pear Harbor. Training just gets you accustomed with the game’s controls, although you can earn medals and complete hidden objectives.

    First do the obstacle course, consisting in jumping over a wall, going through a swamp, crouching whilst some MG’s are firing and finally hitting a wooden dummy. The game will instruct you on which controls to use.

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    You will then head to the firing range and learn how to use a range of weapons, together with learning how to plant an explosive-charge, use a grenade and a mortar. You can get medals for 50, 75 or 100% accuracy on the firing range and with 100% you will also complete a Hero moment.

    Lastly go through medical training, which will be important during the real missions, and you are done.