Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Miranda's Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Miranda's Loyalty Mission
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The First Ambush

Note that you have to have Miranda with you. Lanteia will not talk to anyone else. So add her to your party and then go on over to the bar. Talk to Lanteia in the side room to start the mission.

You’ll land in a big group of mercenaries and be stuck in an ambush. I suggest that you use the renegade interrupt to gun them all down in one heck of a counterattack. Note that even though it’s a renegade interrupt, it doesn’t seem to give you renegade points. So paragons should be fine.

Kill the surviving engineer and then hit the second wave. There is plenty of cover here so you should really be fine. Get used to dealing with the engineers, since we’ll see them for the whole level. Just remember that Miranda’s overload attack will kill their combat drones with one hit. Push through and around to the elevator. Go on inside and get to the second level.

Second Level

There’s another group near the start. Blow up the explosive can on your side so that they can’t blow it up and then take cover by the wall and start fighting. There are a few elites and a few engineers. Just keep firing. Stay down and take them all out. There’s plenty of cover and there are several explosive barrels to shoot on the other side.

Advance and hit the mechs ahead. You should be able to punch right through. Look around for a submachine gun upgrade and loot the locker. There’s another big occupied area ahead. Take cover and start shooting again. There are a ton of mercenaries around and a few waves should come up through the crates. You should have a fine killing zone to just take your time and wear them all down.

Go to the other side and scan a mercenary to get a boost to your medi-gel upgrade. Go into the shack and hack the terminal for some more money, then advance through the crates. There should be a few mercenaries left to kill. Just cut right through them and keep going. You shouldn’t have any trouble.

The next batch is just beyond another conveyor line. Don’t go down into the trench just yet. Take cover on the wall and start shooting. They should come in waves with a lot of heavies and engineers, but it should just be another killing shield.

Go down into the trench and cut over to the elevator. A few more mercenaries will come out of the elevator, but they really love to hide behind explosive stuff, so just start some fires and take them down. Jump into the elevator and ride it up to Niket, Oriana, and Enyala.

Niket and Enyala

Niket has apparently betrayed Miranda. Paragons need to use the interrupt to save him, temporarily at least. No matter what happens, he’ll take a bullet and you’ll have to start the battle. The biggest problem is that your starting spot isn’t completely safe. A few people will come down the right side and flank you. Make sure you don’t get tunnel visioned in this fight. There will be more of the usual bunch. Enyala will go down fast once you rip through her barrier with Miranda’s warp or your SMG. As long as you watch the sides, you’ll be fine. Go over to the elevator. Check the terminal and pick up the trinket. That’s for another little quest that we might as well do.

Ride up the elevator and you’ll see that Oriana is fine. Paragons can tell Miranda to go ahead and talk to her. You can also let her just walk away for a bit more of a depressing end to the mission. This wraps up the mission and secures Miranada’s loyalty.

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Gaining your squad’s loyalty is crucial to the final mission. Each member’s loyalty can be gained through a corresponding mission. Once they’re loyal, you’ll have access to a new outfit for them and you’ll unlock their fairly nice fourth ability.

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