Mass Effect 2 Guide - Jacob's Loyalty Mission

Mass Effect 2 Guide - Jacob's Loyalty Mission
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The Crash Site

In order to get Jacob’s loyalty mission, you should go ahead and talk to him about himself at least once. I believe his mission should be available right after the attack on Horizon along with Miranda’s.

Just go through a mass relay and head on over to the marked system. You will need fuel to there, which actually might be a first if you are just following my guide. So buy some fuel from the depot and go on over to the crash site.

You need to scan for the site. Just follow the little white line and listen for the signal to get clearer. Once you’re close, a white dot will appear. Hit the white dot with a probe and then land.

You’ll end up next to the crashed ship. Go ahead up to the wreck and listen to some logs. You can cross the bridge and get onto the ship but EDI’s wrong. There are no resources onboard except a PDA you can hack.

Before you go you need to talk to the beacon itself for some basic info. It seems that Jacob’s father is the new captain and that a whole lot of people lost the majority of their brain functions. Move out to the crates and you’ll be stopped by a confused woman. While she’s talking you should notice a few men moving up and lining up a shot. The paragon interrupt saves the woman. Note that there doesn’t appear to be a renegade award for letting her die, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t save her.

Regardless, shoot the group of hunters. They don’t have armor and they aren’t using good weapons. Just aim for the head and bring them down. Advance up and go to the next camp.

Citizen’s Arrest

You should notice that it’s only women in the main camp and that none of them seem to be too happy with Jacob’s leadership. You can examine the wrecked mech outside the camp and new statue to get a look at what’s going on. You can also look at the food stores to confirm that they’re eating the toxic plants. When you reach the back of the camp, three mechs should attack. Just shoot them in the head and talk to the doctor they were guarding. She’ll hand you the logs and reveal the whole story. It seems like someone decided to have a lot of fun on the little planet.

Get to the next area and you’ll find a fair bunch of mechs. Just tear right through them. You shouldn’t have any trouble with these basic models. Just stick to cover and you’ll be fine. A few more will come from the path you need to take out of the camp though, so be alert when you reach the back. Search for salvage and make sure that you scan the heavy pistol in back for an upgrade.

The Captain’s Camp

Take the path up to the real camp. Where the captain is hiding. There are mechs and some brainwashed guards we need to kill. The only real threat is that a heavy mech is here too and there isn’t a ton of great cover to handle it. It needs to die quickly. Use Jacob’s overload to trash its siheld and hit it with the heavy stuff to take it out before it makes it to close range. The mechs and guards can be picked off easily. Search the area for one more PDA and then open the door. You can go up the path to find Jacob’s father.

Mass Effect 2 - Jacob’s Father

There are three outcomes for this. You can go paragon and insist that he be turned into the Alliance authorities for his actions. You can go the neutral route and leave him to the hunters who have been gathering. Or you can go renegade and tell Jacob that his father deserves to die. Jacob won’t take the shot, but he’ll hand him an almost empty pistol so that he can kill himself before the hunters make it to him.

Just head back to the ship and talk to Jacob. No matter what happens, you’ll gain his loyalty. This will unlock a new outfit for him and unlock his barrier ability.

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Gaining your squad’s loyalty is crucial to the final mission. Each member’s loyalty can be gained through a corresponding mission. Once they’re loyal, you’ll have access to a new outfit for them and you’ll unlock their fairly nice fourth ability.

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