Surviving the Road to the Temple Mission - A Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Finding the Road to the Temple of Grum-Gog, Setting Up Defenses, Destroying Portals of Dark

Surviving the Road to the Temple Mission - A Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Finding the Road to the Temple of Grum-Gog, Setting Up Defenses, Destroying Portals of Dark
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Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough – The Road to the Temple

In this expert level campaign mission your main tasks are to follow the road to the temple of Grum-Gog and destroy the Goblin village. A secondary task is to kill the Shaman that opens the Portals of Dark.

Beginning the Mission

Stealth will be needed to locate the road to the temple of Grum-Gog. At this time, only build a rogue and ranger guild, along with a marketplace and blacksmith on the south side of your castle. Hire your heroes. Place two guard towers on the east and west side of your castle.

Set attack flags with gold bounties on the local visible enemy dens nearby your town. Research the health potion and necklace along with the first level ranger/rogue armor and bow. After the immediate threats are cleared, set explore flags to the north of your town. Once the path to Grum-Gog is revealed, allow your heroes to go back to town.

Building your Defense, Hiring Heroes and Increasing Gold

The Road to the Temple Map - Majesty 2 Kingmaker

Now that you know where the Goblins are located, you can start building additional hero guilds. Construct a warrior and cleric guild. Research level one armor and weapons for these heroes. Research the mana potion and Sacred Heal spell for the clerics. Hire the warrior and cleric heroes.

By this time in the Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough, a lot of gold will be needed to succeed in this mission. If you are using a non-randomized map there is a trading post location on the south side of your town and another a bit northwest. Build at least one of them (the south one is closest). Place a guard tower next to it for added defense.

As soon as you can, upgrade your castle and blacksmith to level two. When completed, build a dwarf guild and a tavern. With these buildings intact, start constructing dwarf towers next to your other guard towers.

When gold permits hire some dwarves and upgrade their guild to level two. Upgrade your tavern and research the party building option.

Gaining Hero Levels and the Portals of Dark

At this point in the Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough, you need to focus on gaining heroes levels. You will not succeed in defeating the Goblin town until they reach about level 14. This will not be an issue since enemies will constantly try to attack your town.

The biggest problem is the Portals of Dark. This is the work of Goblin Shaman, who will continuously spawn these enemy gates (unless you find and kill him). Set attack flags on the portals immediately after they appear.

Majesty 2 Kingmaker Road to the Temple Walkthrough – Dealing with Goblin Attacks

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Road to the Temple

Other attacks will be from the goblins who reside in the north side of the map. They will appear in small raids. Set a defense flag on your castle with a decent gold bounty when they arrive in your town. Keep an eye on your dwarf and other guard towers. If you have not done so yet, research the dwarf Stone Incantation spell. This will be useful to help you protect buildings and guard towers.

Building Hero Parties

In between these enemy attacks start forming hero parties. You should try to have three in total. Build them all with a warrior as the leader, along with a cleric, rogue (or dwarf) and ranger. As gold allows, work your way up to upgrading your hero’s guilds to level three. Research all of their special abilities. Don’t forget to upgrade their armor and weapons.

Preparing to Attack the Goblin Town

To defeat the goblin town you will need to do more than upgrading your hero’s skills, armor and weapons. Build a wizard’s guild and research the “enchant weapon” option. Then you need to build a Magic Bazaar. The potions you can build here will give you the edge you need to win. As you put these things together, continue to defend the town with your heroes. Complete additional upgrades as needed.

Destroying the Goblin Town

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Goblin Town

You will be prepared to attack the goblin town once all of your upgrades have been completed. This includes level three hero guild abilities, along with all potions from the Magic Bazaar and at least level two armor, weapons and marketplace items.

Set an attack flag for the closest goblin structures with a generous gold bounty. As your heroes arrive, keep a close eye on the battle. Be prepared to use the Sacred Heal spell to assist injured heroes. Also watch your town to make sure your castle is not being attacked. Use the Stone Incantation spell as needed.

Once your heroes have destroyed the flagged goblin structures, add more attack flags to the remaining buildings. Continue to watch the battle until the last goblin structure falls. When you succeed in destroying the entire goblin town, you have completed this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough campaign mission.