Surviving the Fire and Ice Campaign Mission - Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough for Defense Strategy, Choosing Hero and Building Upgrades, Helping the Ice Mage

Surviving the Fire and Ice Campaign Mission - Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough for Defense Strategy, Choosing Hero and Building Upgrades, Helping the Ice Mage
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Majesty 2 Kingmaker Walkthrough - Fire and Ice

In the Fire and Ice expert campaign mission, your main goal is to find the leader of the goblins. Secondary goals include clearing a large obstruction from the gorge, disposing of werewolves and building 2 Temples to Helia.

Setting up the Town

Build a cleric, warrior and ranger hero guild. Place them on the south side of your castle along with a marketplace and blacksmith shop. Hire some heroes then research the health and mana potions through your marketplace.

For defense, add a couple of guard towers to the west and east side of your castle.

Eliminating Local Enemies

Surrounding the town are many wolf dens. Set attack flags and gold bounties to the nearby visible dens. After a couple of them have been cleared you will notice a trading post location. Build it to help increase your gold funds.

Upgrading Heroes and Buildings

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Fire and Ice

As your heroes gain experience, help them out by researching all level one armor and weapons. Slowly upgrade each hero guild to level 2 one at a time.

By this time in this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough you need to upgrade your castle and blacksmith to level two. This will give you access to Dwarf guilds and their defense towers. As soon as the castle is upgraded, build a dwarf guild. Once this is completed (and you have the gold to spare), start building a couple of dwarf defense towers. Place one on the west and east side of your castle.

When you can, hire dwarves. Build a tavern and upgrade it to level 2. Research the party building option.

Now you need to form hero parties. Put together two parties with a warrior as the leader, along with a cleric, ranger and dwarf. Form another party with the ranger as the leader and include a cleric, warrior and dwarf.

Helping the Ice Mage

The Ice Mage has agreed to help you with your quest to find the goblin leader. However, he is being harassed by a group of werewolves. Once you eliminate this nuisance the Ice Mage guild will join you and remove the large obstruction near the gorge that blocks your path.

Find the Ice Mage on the southeast side of the Majesty 2 Kingmaker map. If the area surrounding him is not uncovered, place an explore flag so your ranger party will reveal its details. When you see the werewolves, place attack flags on each one with a nice gold bounty. By this point your heroes should have gained a few levels and have at least level 1 weapons and armor. After they succeed the Ice Mage does as promised and removes the barrier. The Ice Mage that joins you is at level 15 and is a good ally. If you have the gold to spare, you can also hire additional Ice Mages from his guild.

Majesty 2 Kingmaker Fire and Ice Walkthrough - Reinforcing Town Defense

Fire and Ice heroes

Now that the gorge barrier has been removed, you will see an increase of enemy attacks. Upgrade your dwarf guild to get access to the Stone Incantation spell. This will be very useful to help protect the dwarf towers from being destroyed. By this time, you should have two dwarf towers on the side of your castle along with a couple of regular guard towers for added support. When you can, add a third dwarf tower to the northwest side of your castle.

When enemies start arriving in small waves, set a defense flag on your castle. Use the Stone Incantation spell as needed.

Beyond the Gorge Barrier

North of the cleared barrier are Portals of Hell, Minotaur Pyramids and a Goblin town. Your heroes will need to be prepared. Build a Wizard guild and research the enchant weapon option. You will also want to construct a Magic Bazaar. The potions at the bazaar will give your heroes added protection and attack power.

Set an explore flag north of the cleared barrier. Once enemy dens are revealed, set attack flags and bounties for your heroes. Add other explore flags and continue clearing the path of enemies until the Goblin town is revealed. At this point, don’t attempt to attack them. The goblins have too many defense structures to handle at this time. Let your heroes return to town.

Getting Help from Helia

You will need help from Helia in order to successfully defeat the Goblins and their multitudes of defense towers and structures. Upgrade your castle to level 3. By this time in this Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthrough you should have uncovered the sacred ground locations that can be used to build Helia temples. If not, you can find one on the far east side of your town and another near the northeast side of the Majesty 2 Kingmaker map.

Each sacred ground area is guarded by elemental creatures. If you haven’t done so, set attack flags on the elementals to eliminate them. Build the temples of Helia. Construct a defense tower next to each one for added protection.

Once the temples to Helia are built, all of the Goblin defense towers that block your path to their town will be destroyed.

Finding the Leader of the Goblins

Now that the goblin defense has been eliminated, you can set attack flags on the remaining structures. Keep an eye on your heroes as they arrive at the goblin town. Use the Sacred Heal spell as needed to help your injured heroes. As soon as all of the goblin structures are destroyed, the leader of the goblins is revealed and then escapes. Despite this, you have succeeded in completing the Fire and Ice Majesty 2 Kingmaker mission. Your royal advisor lets you know that the defeat of the Goblin leader will soon be a reality in your next mission.