An Xbox 360 Version of Majesty 2? Your Glimpse Into The Upcoming Fantasy Sim Game Sequel - The Storyline, New Features and What Stays the Same

An Xbox 360 Version of Majesty 2? Your Glimpse Into The Upcoming Fantasy Sim Game Sequel -  The Storyline,  New Features and What Stays the Same
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The Story Line

The Xbox 360 game version of Majesty 2 is set five hundred years after the original PC fantasy sim game. Many kings have ruled and protected the lands of Ardania by slaying dragons, goblins and other trouble making creatures. Over time, all evil that would destroy the kingdom of Ardania has been vanquished. During the reign of King Leonard in the middle of the first game and Majesty 2, therewere no enemies to fight. So, Leonard decided that he needed to prove himself to the people to gain their respect.He summoned a Demon Lord in the hopes of banishing it and marking his place in Ardania history. Unfortunately, the Demon Lord could not be destroyed and instead took over the throne of Ardania.Since that time, other kings, lords and other great men have been unsuccessful at killing the Demon. Majesty 2 is based on the hope that you, the last heir of the royal family, can finally overcome him. You must find a way to rid Ardania of the evil tyranny of the Demon Lord and restore peace to the kingdom.

New Features

Majesty 2 (PC and Xbox 360 game) versions have a lot of similarities to the original title. Designers wanted to keep everything that fans of the game loved, while updating it with new improvements. The interface of Majesty 2 has been updated with 3D style graphics. There are 16 missions for single player as well as 6 different scenarios.

In Majesty 2, you can form parties with several classes of characters (such as Warriors, Mages and Archers) that will work together and reinforce their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Certain characters have abilities that can only be utilized well in parties. Another interesting feature in Majesty 2 is that existing heroes can change to a different type of character. For instance, a warrior can become a Paladin or Blademaster (as long as the coordinating temple is available). All experience and weapons are also carried over (so a level 10 Blademaster can be a level 10 Paladin). Rangers can become Archers of Helia or Beastmasters. Clerics can be Light Priestesses or Agrela or Dark Sisters of Krypta.

In Majesty 2, a new “Hall of Lords” feature allows players to promote a hero to the status of Lord at the end of each completed mission. For Kingdom creation in Majesty 2, magic buildings (Mage Guilds and Towers) are built without use of peasants. A new tax policy feature gives you control over how much your tax collector will gather during his rounds. Character changes in Majesty 2 include making the Paladin men, the Rogues and Elves women.Also, unlike the original game opposite hero types (such as light versus dark) can be hostile towards each other.

Important strategic aspects of Majesty 2 (in PC and Xbox 360 game versions) are the specific control over places where temples can be built. These are called “Power spots”, which are few available and initially guarded by power sentinels. You will need to eliminate them in order to benefit from these power spots. Temples can only be built in these areas.


What Stays the Same?

Majesty 2 continues the style of play as a real-time simulation game where you can build town, armies and expand your kingdom. It still plays as campaign game, broken down by chapters with several missions.

Like the original fantasy sim game, Majesty 2 allows you to control actions of your heroes indirectly by influencing them with money for motivation (bounties). You also draw them to your kingdom by catering to their needs (such as libraries and bars).

You will deal attacks from fantastic creatures like dragons, ogres and imps still in Majesty 2. You will also have powerful spells to help you with additional defense and attack (including fireballs, a healing spell and lightning bolts).

To earn money, revenues can be generated with taxes in Majesty 2. You can also take advantage of certain heroes that have attributes that can boost your earning power (or other stats). Like the previous game, the Marketplace is the economic center of the kingdom. A single player can only have one in their kingdom, which makes it a primary target for enemies and other players (in multiplayer games).

When Will the Game Be Released?

While the PC version was released on September 11, 2009, as of October 2011 the Xbox 360 game version is yet to be released.

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  • Screenshot images by Sheila Robinson.