Madden 2010 Brings its 'A' Game

Madden 2010 Brings its 'A' Game
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1st Down

Madden makes an impressive addition to its long-standing series of realistic football simulations with Madden 2010. With expanded game modes, more realistic gameplay and a well-polished, broadcast-quality game presentation, Madden 10 is hands down the best Madden game in this generation of video games. It’s also the most in-depth and realistic simulation outside of NFL Head Coach.

More than other Madden game in history, strategy is the name of the game. In playing games, whether against the artificial intelligence or a buddy online, you really feel like you have to make each and every possession count.

New Game Modes (4 out of 5)

New Game Modes are Great Additions

One of the best additions to this game is the online franchise mode. In this online mode, multiple players can join a franchise together and play multiple seasons whether you’re next door neighbors, in the same dorm or across the country or globe from each other.

The online co-op mode is also very interesting, a friend and I played it only to get the achievement points, but we found it to be very amusing. The only downside to the co-op mode was only one player could control the quarterback, users can’t switch off, leaving one player to control the QB and the other to utilize the any of the other 10 players on the field.

Graphics/Presentation (5 out of 5)

The graphics are phenomenal, textures look sharp and colors are vibrant. There is no discernible difference in graphics between the 360 and PS3 versions.

The game presentation also gives a very realistic feel to the game. The half time reports and post game give Madden 10 a broadcast quality feel. Many gam

Maddden Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

ers have complained in years past about sponsorships appearing quite blatantly in Madden games, such obvious product placement still exists. While this is still fairly annoying, a devil’s advocate could make the argument that such transparent product placement takes place in real NFL broadcasts as well.

In keeping with the increased realism of the game, there are now more offensive and defensive packages, the most noteworthy of them being the wildcat offense. There are now also far more realistic controls when it comes to the quarterback and the pocket. If you try to take your QB towards either sideline, your offensive line isn’t going to be able to protect you, the pressure will build and the passes won’t be as accurate. In other words, exit the pocket at your own risk.

Sounds (3 out of 5)


The Crowd Reacts Realilistically

the broadcast style adds to the game, the commentary can be repetitive, stagnant and dull, Chris Collinsworth isn’t much more imaginative in real life. Though they’re better than the local radio announcer from years past, the game would be better served to have Al Michaels and John Madden calling the games.

Despite the lackluster commentary, the overall sound is decent. The crowd noise feels real, they react appropraitely to what’s going on the field unlike previous titles in the series.

New Additions Not to Include in 2011 (2 out of 5)

Fumble Pile Up - No Thanks

The one aspect of the game I could do with is the new feature fumble pile-up called “fight for the fumble.” It’s essentially a button-mashing exercise. It seems nonsensical for such a random aspect of gamplay to exist in an otherwise strategically-centered simulation. Thankfully, this sophomoric and cartoonish feature can be turned off.

Also, the presentation is a bit overbearing when it comes to the referee cut scenes. While its novel at first, it’s especially tiresome in regards to when a first down measurement is needed or if they need to verify if a player made it into the end zone.

Odds and Ends/Final Thoughts

For achievement point junki

Make this Man Fumble and Grab Yourself some Achievement Points

es, the Madden 10 features more situational achievement opportunities, for example, getting three interceptions off Peyton Manning or forcing LaDainian Tomlinson to fumble the ball. The results are achievements that take less time, but are far more frustrating.

Another realistic addition is the gang-tackle feature. Up to nine players can battle with a strong ball-carrier. In the PSP version of the game, you can also make your own plays and upload them to the PS3 counterpart.

While there are a few detractions from the game, this is easily the best version of Madden to be released on the current generation of consoles.

New additions to gameplay and presentation add depth and an unsurpassed quality of realism that no other Madden title has ever featured. While Madden 2009, even for the Wii was phenomenal title, without a doubt, Madden 2010 is the best football simulation yet.