Review Different Random Vampire Name Generators at Bright Hub

Review Different Random Vampire Name Generators at Bright Hub
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Are you interested in Vampires? Did you enjoy Stephanie Meyers' books or the Twilight movies? Vampire MMOs are a way to extend your pleasure - and you need a name you’ll enjoy.

Vampire names

Vampires are both darkly romantic and frightfully deadly, Some are scarred, and some have a fallen angel beauty. Whatever character you have chosen to roleplay needs a name that expresses that self. In this article we look at a number of different Vampire name generators that use chance to combine elements for your alter ego’s name. They have varying ways of choosing what goes into that name, and some offer you options to tailor it. As well, unlike mapping generators that return the same answer every time you enter your name, all of them can be toggled or clicked until the right name for you appears.

For vampires, they use lists of first names with darker connotation or meanings, and then similarly freighted last names. For more variety, elements from the word blood spelled in multiple languages, along with such as dark, cruel, fear, haunt, weep, and others of that nature, you can randomly combine parts to give you an enormous choice of names. If they haven’t asked you the gender of the name you want, you just keep clicking the generate button until you find the name that the dark and stormy part of your soul knows as its own. However, many generators request you tell the gender for the name you want.

Vampire Names from Seventh Sanctum

First, we’ll look at the vampire name generator from Seventh Sanctum, which seems to be the most comprehensive random generator I found. Seventh Sanctum offers you a range of categories, from Modern both genders, Modern Female, and modern male. Then they offer you the choice of Fantasy first names, fantasy full names, and fantasy last names. Except for the option of Modern Female names and Modern male names, you receive a random choice or gender. They also offer you the opportunity to generate more than one name at a time. You can pick, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 names in any category. Within the fantasy names, you will see a mixture of male and female names, so you can make your selection.

Five names, either gender, from the modern names, gave me this list:

  • Elenor De Vile (f)
  • Isaiah Luna
  • Romulus Solomon
  • Samuel Luther
  • Victoria Bladderwort (f)

Fantasy first names gave me:

  • Emani (f)
  • Esati – your guess is as good as mine. If you like it, use it.
  • Felet (m)
  • Gibrosh (m)
  • Orleza (f)

The gender I put next to those names is a guess. I think they created at least some of their fantasy first names from a list of rules, which would vastly increase the number of available names.

For fantasy full names, The Seventh Sanctum generator gave me this:

  • Aharicac Farweeper (m)
  • Drophana Devilbeast (f) Drophana could sound male if you drop the final a; giving Drophan.
  • Sonareng Wildmaw (either)
  • Xagiana Cruelice (f) Xagiana could also be a male name once you drop the -a, giving Xagian.Xanagia Icefire (f)

Personally, I have a problem with the name Cruelice, although it is clear how it was created, because I look at it quickly, and immediately think of someone with an infectious scratching problem,- not a terribly frightening image.

They seem to be using first names created from a set of rules on letter order, number of consonants that can be placed together, and typical endings for names. Their last names seem to be using lists of elements from words with evil or dreadful connotations, and randomly combining them. I did a couple of lists of the full 25 names allowed at once, and found no duplicates in first names, and two repeated names in surnames. Since there were a large number of other name elements which did not repeat, I am inclined to think that this was coincidence, and does not reflect badly on the size of their database.

Fantasy last names

Chaintear; Cruelcurse; Crueldevil; Cruelhowl; Cursebane; Darkeye; Deathstalk; Direfang; Direshade; Direskull; Evildevil; Evildevil; Evilghost; Evilkill; Farkiller; Griefbane; Griefstalker; Ironsnake; Moonghost; Plaguefury; Spelleye; Tombgrief; Tombrain; Venomskull; Windshade.

I also have reservations about the name Tombrain, as I keep reading it as Tom brain- although I am sure it is meant to be broken up as Tomb rain.

25 randomly generated Fantasy last names for vampires bears this out. There are no exact matches here to the other names I generated, and one internal match. It is also possible to study how various different elements were combined to create the surnames.

The first element cruel allowed these combinations: Cruelcurse; Crueldevil; Cruelhowl; Cursebane.

The first element dire gave these combinations: Direfang; Direshade; Direskull.

Using evil as a first element, the generator came up with: Evildevil; Evildevil (again); Evilghost; Evilkill. You can see that cruel and evil were both combined with the second element devil, to create two different names.

There is also nothing from stopping you from using the generator in your own particular fashion, picking and choosing from interesting first names- perhaps, Xagiana, and combining your own surname, such as plague and stalk, to give you the seriously Gothic vampire name of Xagiana Plaguestalk, for a female, or Phagi and the elements crypt and haunter for Phagi Crypthaunter.

An nice twist on that might be a name for a vampire hunter- those loathsome being who go hand in hand with vampires through the centuries. Or should I say seek and hide with vampires? Using Isaiah, crypt and hunter gives you Isaiah Crypthunter. A nicely vicious name for a man who carries a sharpened stake in his back pocket, and vials of holy water and religious symbols in his coat pockets, ready at need. Odd, isn’t it, how names can reflect or influence an person’s character development.

Find Your Vampire Name

Find Your Vampire Name asks for your own name and gender, but really is not a mapping generator. Entering your name and clicking on it several times produced different results in most cases.

Dracula1st edition cover 1897

Henry Johnson was entered three times, with these results: Quincey Wormwood; Cecil Wormwood; Boris Dirge.

Rebecca Scudder yielded: Isis Von Absinthe; Desdemona Winters.

Mary Smith received Arsenic Von Absinthe; Despair Thanatos; Lydia Collins

Another male name,with a first name and last name ending in the same letters as other names we already used still gave unique results.

Harry Snyder resulted in Goethe Harker; Magnus Black; Percy Kensington

A nice generator, giving a range of names that would be appropriate for a Victorian time period, although whoever input surnames appears to have a fondness for drinks and poisons.

Vampire Name with the Vampire Name Generator

This Vampire name site from offers you quite a bit of information about themselves and their generator.

How we generate vampire names

The vampire name generator create vampire names in a random and complex way. We use bloody, scary, creepy, dark, mean,

Nosferatu Shadow movie frame

devilish and evil adjectives and nouns to generate vampire names.

We want to generate vampire name that is cool and fun - a creative vampire name.

Original vampire names

Original vampire names from Slavic Eastern Europe gives the final dark mysterious touch to the generated vampire name.

Male and female vampire names

60% of the generated names are male vampire names. The last 40% is female vampire names. So if the vampire generator don’t get your gender right. Just hit the “Generate vampire name” button once again.

Several tries from this generator gave me these results:

Julius Black Morrisey

Cyrus Von Slavik

Vlador Barbaric Eldritch

Comtessa Requiem

Lady Elenor Flying Thanatos

Ilse Sleepy Crawhawk

Count Nicolos Forsaken Van

Their random names, using actual first names, and a number of nouns and adjectives with dark connotations results in some interesting names. However, if you look at the last name, Count Nicolos Forsaken Van, you will notice that the element Van, while perfectly appropriate for this sort of name, should not appear in the last position in the name. If I wanted that name, I’d tweak it to Count Nicolos Van Forsaken. As well, about half their names come with titles. Truncate the name if you don’t want a title.

The Vampire name generator here asks you for your first and last names and gender, and also offers the option to give you a list of generated names for males and females. Because it asked for my name input, I assumed it was a mapping generator, but the results did not agree.

Henry Johnson resulted in Zander Iceshard and, with a second click, Christian Black.

R de Moraine le vampire lithograph 1864

Rebecca Scudder gave results of Upierczi Sangre and Esme Moonbeam.

Trying Rebecca Johnson gave Aramantha Ghoul, which has no obvious connection to the two previous name I entered, even though it used a name from each.

Asking for a list of generated first names, female, gave:

Angeline, Armenia. Apple, Asema, Aswang, Beatrix, Belinda, Brie, Bruxa, Carmina, Cherry, Clarita, Churel and on through Lilith, Magwina, Norway, Paprika, Xenia, Yureka, Yellow, Zofia, and Zolona. I think the mastermind behind this generator had a quirky sense of humor. They are also interested in the meanings of the names they use.

Some of the list of names had hyperlinks associated with the name, and clicking on Bruxa gave me

Bruxa (Brooxa) - Female Vampire Name

Vampire/witches, they assumed animal forms such as a duck, rat, goose, dove or ant and attacked, most usually, infants. Adhering to witch practices, they were found out between midnight and 2:00 a.m. (also known as the “witching hours”), on Tuesdays and Fridays, meeting at crossroads. Associated with lobishomen (werewolves) and also known as bruja. (Portugal).

Other hyperlinks also gave me this kind of information for the linked names. This added a nice dimension for background of some names the site generated, and seems to indicate that they are using real words and names, rather than constructed names.

Slack ‘n’ Hash

The Vampire name generator at Slack ‘n’ Hash gives you names of very particular types, and if you are not participating in a game where most everyone is titled, you may decide to drop the title it gives you, if you like the rest of the name.

There are several parameters. You can select gender, title, origin (Hungarian, Romanian or Russian), and a random nickname, or you can choose your nickname from their list or 30 or 40 some names.

female, viscount, Hungarian, random resulted in these names, with two different tries:

Viscountess Hajnal the Veiled and Viscountess Tzigane the Exalted.

female, baron, Romanian, random gave these choices:

Baroness Tereza the Dæmon and Baroness Magda the Doomed.

male, earl, Russian, random gave Earl Vsevolad the Dark and Earl Fedot the Bloody.

male, duke, Hungarian, random gives me Duke Zerind the Despoiler and Duke Abbás the Unspeakable.

male, prince, Russian, random gives Prince Iziaslav the Dragon and Prince Yegor the Slayer.

male, count, Romanian, random gives Count Adrian the Diabolic and Count Petru the Sanguine.

In twelve tries, I did not get a repeated nickname. I think knowing the nationality of the name you select can also help you add dimension to your character. And if your group of Vampiric associates or Gothic characters like noble names, you are set as is.

If you’d like to look at other Vampire name generators, Here is an article on mapping name generators, which use your own name for the basis of your vampire name.

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