Hobbit name Generators for Lord of the Rings Characters from Tolkien's Hobbit Family Names: Your Secret Name

Hobbit name Generators for Lord of the Rings Characters from Tolkien's Hobbit Family Names: Your Secret Name
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LOTRO lets you choose a hobbit as your character, and this, the end of the third age, is when hobbits become known to the mighty

. Generate a surname found in the Shire or Bree, and a first name to distinguish yourself from your multitudes of relatives. These generators work in different ways, some by mapping your name to a hobbit name database, while others randomly select a name for you. If you don’t like the first name generated, try a variation of your name, or one of the other generators listed in this article.

These are generators that use names directly from Tolkien’s work and combine them to make male and

Ehwaz E rune

female hobbit names. . Generators that map the first and last names you enter into the generator to names in their database give you the same name every time you enter the same information, and, depending on the size, many names may turn up with the same results. If a generator uses two or three letter combinations, there is more variety.

You Have a Secret Name. Discover It.

Chris Weth

Berkano B rune

erell was the first person I ever heard of who created a generator for any of the races in Tolkien’s world, and so I’ll examine

LOTRO Middle Earth

his Hobbit name generator first. He created a Hobbit name generator and then went on to create an Elven name generator. He has explained the basic premise to his name generator in his FAQ. From a database a friend, Jane Pinckard, compiled from Tolkien’s books, he maps names to letter combinations. You enter your first name, your last name, and your sex into the generator. He uses the first and last letters of each part of your name to assemble a name for you.

Female Names

  • Raido R rune

    Rebecca Scudder turns into Lila Sandybanks.

    LOTRO Hobbit Hole

  • Robyn Snyder becomes Tigerlily Sandybanks

  • Rosalynd Smith’s hobbit name is Goldie Foxburr of Loamsdown

  • Rebecca Jones gives me Lila Boffin of Whitfurrows

Scudder and Snyder begin and end with the same letters, so they are mapping to Sandybanks. Rosalynd Smith, which begins with the same letters, and ends differently, becomes Goldie Foxburr of Loamsdown. And Rebecca obviously maps to Lila.

Male Names

In his generator for male names,

Isa I rune

  • Henry Johnson rejoices in the name Minto Brandybuck of Buckland.
  • Henry Smith becomes Minto Foxburr of Loamsdown.

So Henry maps to Minto, and Smith to Foxburr of Loamsdown. Michael James gives me Berilac Boffin of Whitfurrows. While James and Jones are different names, they both map to Boffin of Whitfurrows.


LOTRO screenshot

If you are picking names for a family, this is handy to know, because both male and female members will end up with a hobbit name from the same family, based on this sampling of the generator. However, entering Rebecca James into the Male hobbit name generator gives me the delectable name of Lardo Boffin of Whitfurrows- which probably serves me right for trying to confuse it. And, unless you want to try and cover the name of Lardo with renown, I suggest you don’t enter a male name starting with R and ending in a.

History of the Generator

Chis started his generator in his apartment back in 2000, with names culled from Tolkien’s work by a friend of his, Jane Pinkard.

Gebo G rune

Eventually he also started an Elven generator an the same principles, which we will review in another article. His Hobbit name generator is probably the most well know hobbit name generator. His names are genuinely Tolkien based, and although it might be possible for the generator to come up with a complete full name which Tolkien already used for someone well known, it is easy enough to plug in a name beginning or ending in a single different letter to give you a result that isn’t already in use by a famous character.

The Swami’s Hobbit Name Generators

Ansuz A rune

Another Hobbit Name Generator is at the site Sport Generator, and seems to be provided by the Swami’s Name Generators. He also has a Female Hobbit name Generator.

Male Names

The Male Hobbit Name Generator

Here, I find Henry Johnson gives me Holfast Bunce, Milo Bracegirdle-Chubb and Hamson Goold-Brownlock; Harry Jones becomes


Bingo Puddifoot-Oldbuck, Samwise Fallohide-Sandyman and Otho Grubb, Finally, Harry Johnson generates Orgulas Twofoot, Hal Took and Peregrin Baggins. These are obviously not mapping to anything as straightforward as the Secret Name Hobbit name generator, and this allows you to repeat you name as a entry until the generator comes up with a name you fancy.

Female names

The Swami’s Female Hobbit Name Generator also seems to use the same principles. I enter Rebecca Scudder: and receive Amaranth Twofoot, Peony Goldworthy and Esmerelda Sackville. This time Robyn Snyder becomes Angelica Mugwort, Asphodel Bunce and

Uruz U rune

Prinula Fallohide. I try Nancy James and the generator gives her Mimosa Sandyman, Merimae Took and Rose Bolger. Again, you can repeat your name until you find a hobbit name you are comfortable with.

Author’s comments

The author of the generator has a couple of notes for users;

LOTRO Shire screenshot

You may have noticed that there are three distinct kinds of first-names generated here: First there are “regular names”, such as Baggins, Frodo, and Lobelia, like those found in the world [of the third age] today. Second are names connected with nature, such as Rosy, Tunnelly, and Longhole. These are often names from the Eastfarthing, especially the area around Bree, and thus sound different from the others. Last, there are archaic names, such as Mirabella, Gorhendad, and Canellia. These are often the names of Hobbits from long before the time-period of Lord of the Rings and are often in the style of Men.

The author

Laguz L rune

r also says:

If you have tried out both this page and the Female Hobbit Name Generator, you may have noticed that the male names repeat themselves much less often than the female ones. This is simply due to the quantity of male names Tolkien created versus the number of female ones. Lord of the Rings is a very male-centric series (all nine members of the Fellowship are male), and thus there are many more male names than there are female names.

This may be true with a large sampling, but the nine times I tried for female names, I did not have a repeat with either the first name or surname.

Quizopolis Hobbit Name Generator

The Quizopolis hobbit name generator certainly uses names that I remember from the Hobbit and LOTR, and it seems to be doing some mappin

Fehu F rune

g, but it also does not seem to have the database that some of the other generators have had. The same last name gives the same results for both males and females. Totally different last names with different beginning and ending letters also result in the same last name, regardless of sex. Williams and Snyder both give a surname of Gamgee, and Johnson and Young both give the surname Tunnelly. Harry a

quizopolis2 hobbit name generator

nd Henry both generate first names of Hildibrand, but Harold gets the result of Fredegar for a first name.

A name entered more than once always gives the same result. The generator does not give much information about the way it works. Overall, I think I found it the least satisfactory of all the generators looked at in this article.

In the image you can see how different names mapped in the generator. There were more repeats in this generator than any other, leading me to believe it used the smallest database of names


Runes pictured in this article came from Nova Online’s Write Your Name in Runes page.

Tiwaz T rune

Tolkien was somewhat inspired by Viking runes, and some of his were simular in shape, but he gave them different names and meanings, and created a number of his own. The names given with the runes pictured here are the Viking names.

Other Races

LOTRO trial screenshot

There are a number of different races you can play in the LOTRO, and if you decide not to have a hobbit character, choose a different race For help choosing a name for an Elven character, see The Elf Name Generator, an article on Elven Names generated from elements in the Elven Languages Tolkien invented.

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LOTRO Hobbit and Fighter against Moria monster

LOTRO screenshots are from the official LOTRO site.

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