Lord of the Rings Online: Hobbit Basics

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Hobbit Basics

The Hobbits aren’t really reported as being in history until around the latter part of the Third Age of Middle-Earth, which is probably the way that they wanted it. Hobbits are a secretive people, who would rather just stay in their small, hillside holes instead of heading out into the wars. They start out in the area known as the Shire in west Eriador and you can expect to be called a “halfling” a lot in game, by both other players and NPC’s. But, their small size and their ability to adapt to anything is the reason that playing a Hobbit is so fun in Lord of the Rings Online.

As a Hobbit, you can choose only four classes: the Burglar (which is Hobbit only), the Guardian, Minstrel, or Hunter class. And, you get to choose your nationality as well, either Fallohide, Harfoot, or Stoor. But, just like with the other races, there are certain statistics that will be lowered for Hobbits and others that will be raised.

Decreased Stats

Might – as a Hobbit, you will really only have one decreased stat, and this is your might, which starts off at a -8. So, you can not really inflict as much damage as you would if you were a Dwarf, nor can you block or parry as fast as an elf, and you can not reduce as much of the normal damage that some other, stronger races can.

Increased Stats

Fear resistance – this is a great thing as Hobbits are able to resist any fear spells or abilities that mobs might try to use on you.

Morale – as a Hobbit, you’ll also get an increase in your morale out of combat. This means that when you aren’t fighting, you get a 1.0 bonus to your morale to help you out. While you don’t get this during combat, you’ll heal faster than others before your next fight.

Shadow damage reduction – yet another great aspect of playing a Hobbit. Mobs that rely on Shadow damage to dish out to their foes to win battles won’t have a great time using it on your Hobbit toons.

Vitality – the Hobbit has a large vitality, and you will notice a +15 in this stat from the very beginning over other races. This means that you can take on more damage than even the sturdy Dwarves can.


Hobbits are a great race to play, even if they are a bit shorter than others. They are a strong, fun race and you’ll find that the different classes that are available to you are just as fun to play as any others out there.

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