Lord of the Rings Online: Human Basics

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Human Basics

Even though the Human race is the youngest of them all, they are supposedly destined to rule in the years after the Third Age. There are several different reasons that you would want to play a Human in Lord of the Rings Online, and one is because of their ruling state. While they are the “race of destiny” in the J.R.R. Tolkien lore, they normally don’t understand this or even see it. The race is also easily swayed by power and promises over other races, and can easily be lost to the evil side. But, playing a Human doesn’t always mean bad things… in fact, it’s quite fun.

When you choose this race, you will find that you can choose just about every class out there: Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-Master, and Minstrel. And, you’ll also get to choose your nationality as a Human, which gives you different options when it comes to skin, hair, eyes, and other colors. The nationalities that you can choose from include: Bree-land, Dale-land, Gondor, and Rohan.

Decreased Stats

Will – as a Human, your will with start out decreased. This is probably due to the fact that Humans are more easily corrupted than other races. So, you are more likely to fall prey to those mobs that can use fear effects on you. This also means that you will have lower power in your lower levels that other races have, so you will want to make sure you gain all the buffs and increases for this stat that you can.

Increased Stats

Fate – you will start out with a +15 fat, which is awesome and gives you a major edge when you’re fighting a foe. Fate will give you a better regen rate for your power and morale in combat, so this means that you can fight longer than other races can.

Might – Humans also get a +15 to their might right off the bat. This helps in battle as well, because it allows you more melee damage than normal and gives you a better opportunity to block or parry and attack.

Morale when you are inspired – this basically means that you are ready to fight more willingly than other races. So, when you are in combat, you gain an extra 5% bonus when you are healed. And, when you gain this bonus, you get another edge in battle. So, this is a great stat to have increased.


Humans are a fun race to play and you will find that you can do a lot with them no matter what you choose to play as your class.

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