Vampire Name Generators: Mapping Name Generators that Use Your Own Name for a Basis:

Vampire Name Generators: Mapping Name Generators that Use Your Own Name for a Basis:
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Stephanie Meyers’ popular Twilight books and movies are the most obvious sign of the current interest in Vampires, but once you are through with those, there is more awaiting you in the dark. Pick out your own Vampire name and join in the fun with a Vampire MMO.


Whether you are poised at your computer or actually indulging in a bit of live roleplaying, Vampires are a perennial favorite. Whatever version of the creatures of the night resonates with you, we have a name generator here to find you that perfect, elegant and devastating vampire name.

From scary names to lurid Gothic romance, from the new age vampires of Twilight to those archetypes of blood, life and death, there is a generator here that will help you find the perfect name for your character. Mapping generators use your name, or parts of it, to create a name from their databases to be your vampire name. They also need your gender.

A good vampire name generator has many different first names, usually chosen for their historical connotations or their own darker meanings. Often, they use names of Eastern European extraction because most of the vampire legends we are most familiar with originated there. Then they figure out how they want to link the names you enter into the generator with that database. Your click causes them to analyze your name according to a preset pattern, and create your name. Every time you enter the same name, you will get the same answer.

Bright Hub has tried all of the generators listed in this article, and has gained a pretty good idea of how they work, and also a feel for how large a database they use. The larger the database, the more likely you are to come up with a name that isn’t already used by half a dozen other vampires or Gothic characters you are acquainted with.

The Vampire Name Generator

The first name generator I want to bring to your attention is that of The Vampire Name Generator from the site. It is perhaps the most popular mapping generator I found, with links to it from other sites and forum postings. You enter your first name, last name, and gender, and get quite an elaborate result.

Rebecca Scudder, female, gave me:

  • The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
  • Sarah Maundrell
  • Known in some parts of the world as:
  • Haunt of The CursedThe Great Archives Record:The cursed and the curser - bringing downfall and ill favour to kings and peasants alike!

Henry Johnson, male, gave me :

  • The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
  • Margrave of Drac
  • Known in some parts of the world as:
  • Poison of The Lamiae
  • The Great Archives Record:The offspring of a goddess - beautiful, powerful and ruthless.

Since Margrave is a title, Henry can also pick himself a first name if he desires.

This gives you a name, an appellation or nickname with which you might be referred to, and an entry from the Great Archives reporting

Lamia and the Soldier Waterhouse 1905

upon your career. Definitely elements that can help in planning your character or persona history.

This is a mapping generator, so entering your exact name again gives you the same results. It also seems to have a more limited database for the appellations, such as ‘Poison of the Lamiae’, and the Record from the Great Archives, which gave me twice ‘The offspring of a goddess - beautiful, powerful and ruthless.’ and ‘The cursed and the curser - bringing downfall and ill favour to kings and peasants alike!’ in about six tries with male and female names. It does map similar last names consistently, of whatever the sex, so Rebecca Scudder and Harry Snyder gave Sarah Maundrell and Beno Maundrell.

It connects elements of the information it gives you together, so that Peter Smith found:

  • The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
  • Baron of Moldovia
  • Known in some parts of the world as:
  • Haunt of Russia
  • The Great Archives Record:
  • The scourge of Russia - insane and dangerous!

The Russian theme carries through with the different titles and use names, so your history from the Great Archives is internally consistent. Moldovia was part of greater Russia, in the time of the Soviet Union, although at various times in history it was its own Eastern European principality, and parts of several other empires. Peter again must choose his own firstname, unless he wishes to be known ar the Baron to everyone.

All in all, although some of the database seems limited, it gives you a lot of information to plan your character around. And, if you don’t want to be yet another offspring of a goddess, you could always change it to the offspring of a demon or a fallen angel.

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Rum and Monkey

Rum and Monkey offer a name generator generator, which allows people to make their own name generators, which they then host on their site. I found several mapping Vampire generators there. This, along with playing with a couple of the other name generators, makes me think their generator format is set up to do mapping, but the developers of the individual generators choose the parameters.

Rum and Monkey Vampire Name Generator (1)

Called (of course) The Vampire Name Generator, it begins: When a mortal drinks the blood of a

vampire, they become one. It wants gender and name. Under gender is male, female, undead. Then click on Make Me a Vampire.

Entering Rebecca Scudder(f), I am told, Your new name, O Child of Darkness, is… Brenna Sinclair.

Rebecca Scudder(m) / Sebastien Sinclair; Rebecca (f) / Brenna Karieva; Rebecca(u) / Black - rain Scynscaþa; Richenda(m) / Chimera Karieva; Richenda(f) / Brenna Karieva; Richenda(u) / Crimson - rain Middeneaht. Michael Scudder is Angel Sinclair; Michael Peterson is Angel Greyson; Stephen Jones(m) / Bastien Greyson; Stephen Jones(m) / Andraste Greyson; Harry Potter(f) / Khiara Vampirera;

Harry Potter(m) / Charon Vampirera; Harry Potter(u) / Dark - star Hatheart; Henry(f) / Pearl Bathory;

Henry(m) / Chimera Bathory; Harry(m) / Charon Vampirera; Harry(f) / Khiara Vampirera; Harry(u) / Dark - cry Hatheart; wewaeoihnea(m) / Sebastien Greyson; wewaeoihnea(f) / Gweneth Greyson; wewaeoihnea(u) / Ebon - rain Awiergan; 312qds’.. / (f) Andraste Dewhurst; 312qds’.. / (m) Syrvidas Dewhurst; 312qds’.. / (m) Dusk - mist Deore.

From this, we can tell that the same last names map to the same names, that if you use the same name and change the gender, you get a male or female name, and the same last name. Undead names are strange, but their pattern is consistent. However, Richenda and Rebecca(f) both map to Brenna Karieva, but Henry(m) maps to Chimera Bathory and Harry(m) to Charon Vampirera. The mapping is more than just the first and last letters. Strings of characters work just as well as names, too. The database is not terribly large, as both Jones and Peterson map to Greyson. The names are interesting, with some of them being historical and others mythological.

Rum and Monkey Vampire Name Generator (2)

This Vampire Name Generator asks for your full name and gender, and then you click Transform Me.

It is also a mapping generator, but its choice of names is distinctive. It gives you just a first name, and includes the meaning of the name. Not all of the choices it makes are names I would have thought of as candidates for vampire names. It also gives you code to past into twitter to show what your vampire name is to your followers.

Most of the names it provided were not changed by whether you just entered a first name, or your full name.

Female names

Rebecca Scudder / MARIA (Rebelliousness); Rebecca / MARIA (Rebelliousness); Rachel Jones / ANA (Grace); Rachel Smith / ANA (Grace); Rachael Scudder / ANA (Grace); Rachel / ANA (Grace). Having a surname made no difference.

I the

Burne Jones le Vampire 1897

n tried a number of different female names.

Constance became CONSTANTA (Steadfast); Brenda / ALEXANDRIA (Defender); Hannah / VALENTINA (Vigorous); Morticia / COSTICA (Constant); Deanna / DANA (Gift of God);

Annabel / MARIA (Rebelliousness); Paula / AURELIA (Golden); Richenda / ALEXANDRIA (Defender); Zoe / AURELIA (Golden); Mary / MITICA (Motherly; Maria / EMILIA (Rival); Emelia / EMILIA (Rival); Marie / MARIA (Rebelliousness)

Both Rebecca and Annabel were MARIA (Rebelliousness), and Zoe and Paula were AURELIA (Golden). Curiously, some names received their own names as their vampire names, but not all, so Emelia is EMELIA, and Maria is EMILIA, but Marie is MARIA.

Male names

Henry Johnson / COSMIN (Decency); Henry Scudder / COSMIN (Decency); Henry / COSMIN (Decency); Harry Potter / GHEORGHE (Hard-worker); Harry Peterson / GHEORGHE (Hard-worker); Paul Atriedes / DRAGOS (Peaceful); Paul Kennedy / DRAGOS (Peaceful); Jonathan / ALIN (Handsome); Theodore / GHEORGHE (Hard-worker); Steven / SANDU (To defend); Stephen / SANDU (To defend); Stefan / STEFAN (Crown); Abraham / ALIN (Handsome); Joseph / COSMIN (Decency)

Again, it is odd- a few names bring up their own name.

All the Henrys are COSMIN, but so is Joseph. Harrys are GHEORGHE, as is Theodore, while Jonathan and Abraham both mapped to ALIN.

This argues for a small database of potential names, and since they are single word names, the generator will not provide very many unique names for users.

Rum and Monkey Twilight Name Generator

Twilight is extremely popular with some age groups right now, so I suppose it was inevitable that someone would come up with a name generator for Twilight appropriate vampire names. On the site, it warns you that you may get a vampire, werewolf or human name from the generator. Again, it is a mapping generator. It wants your name and your gender. Entering the same information twice gives you the exact same results, so there is no random element in the mapping.

Rebecca Scudder is Isabella Cullen.

Henry Johnson is Embry Newton.

Peter Smith is Peter Stanley.

Mary Snyder is Maria Dwyer.

Ann Jones is Gianna Cheney.

Suzanne Smith is Isabella Stanley, mapping the mundane name Smith to Stanley.

Henry Scudder is Embry Cullen, mapping both Henry to Embry and Scudder to Cullen.

Steven Peterson is Jasper Clearwater.

Mary Peterson is Maria Clearwater. Peterson is maps to Clearwater.

Dianne Vale is Gianna Swan.

Rhiannon Williams is also Gianna Swan.

Maryanne Twitter is Maria Clearwater. Again.

This gives a certain amount of information about the way the generator works. First, there is not a large database of names in use. This may be because the creators of the generator wanted to only use names mentioned in the series, but it is frustrating if you and a number of friends are all using it to generate Twilight appropriate names.

Next, and this is interesting, because I did not see it done in any of the other generators reviewed here, they appear to be paying attention to the actual name you type in, rather than first or last letters or other letter combinations. Mary, and names with Mary as an element, map to Maria. Ann, or names with Ann in them (at least as the first recognizable name element), all map to Gianna. Peter is a name used in the book, and so he is given the name Peter.

With this in mind, if a group of people want to use the Twilight Vampire name generator, you will want to tweak the names you put in. If you want to be part of a family- use the same everyday surname. If you don’t all want to be Maria or Gianna, enter a name that doesn’t incorporate them, or a variation of the names, and see what you get. You may have to play with the names you put in several times before coming up with a unique result, at least for your group.

I’d also like to point out that although it says you may be a vampire, a werewolf, or simply human, the generator does not tell you what category the name it gives you puts you into. If you are more familiar with the series than I am, or have read any of it more recently, it may be obvious to you what category your name falls into. Of course, if you are here playing with a Twilight name generator, you are probably a fan of the series.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of various mapping Vampire name generators, and can find a name you would enjoy using. If you want more choices, there will be an additional article on Random Vampire name generators, with new and different choices for you.

If you are interested in generating names for other MMOs, Bright Hub has several articles on different name generators.

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