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Choosing A Profession For Your Hunter in LOTR Online

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Curious which profession will do you the most good in game in Lord of the Rings Online? Well, this article will help you determine which one to pick up and which to leave alone.

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    Choosing the Right Vocation For Your Hunter

    lotr online mines of moria box There are a few vocations that will work better for hunters in the Lord of the Rings Online RPG since they will be able to make the things that they need the most. No matter which vocation you choose, make sure that you constantly work to level your professions and skills in the LOtR online game so you can know how to make gold and so that you can provide as many different items as possible for your character without having to buy them. Place these extra items on the Auction House for cash to make some LOtR online gold, and try to cut your price below the other items of the same type on the Auction House. To truly learn how to make gold in LOtR online, you want to make sure that you constantly try to undercut other players' prices but still make a profit.

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    Professions And Gathering Skills In LOtR Online

    lotronline loading screen With each vocation (profession) in the LOtR online game, you gain a gathering skill. This is one of the most important money makers that you have at your disposal. Each profession uses different items that come from gathering skills, and some vocations will require items that their gathering skill can not provide.

    You should always take the time to gather items with your gathering skill so that you can place them on the Auction House for other players to purchase to level their crafting skills. Many gamers refer to this as doing a "mat run" and will do so at least once a week to gather up the items that they want to sell on the auctions and use this as a great way to make LOtR online gold.

    Keep and eye on the Auction House to see when items that you can gather are in low supply and then do a run to gather just those things. To make the most of your gathering skill, you should do a “mat run" once a week, where you simply head out into the world and gather items for sale on the Auction House. By doing this, you will not only be able to craft items from your professions for sale, but you will also be able to provide other players with the means they need to craft items – and a great way to make you some LOtR online gold.

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    How To Make Gold With Your Professions

    Another great way to make money from the Auction House in the Lord of the Rings online rpg, is to watch for items that sell well that are extremely under priced. Usually, new players will put items on the Auction House and price them too low. In this case, you can “rig" the prices by purchasing these low priced items and then relisting them for a better profit. Most players do not think of doing this, so you can manipulate the Auction House prices by simply checking the different items when you have the chance.

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