LOTRO: Choosing Your Professions: The Last Five

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This profession allows players to mine different ores, salts, and gems. The ores are then made into metals that are used by jewelers, weapon smiths, and metalsmiths. The gems that they gather are used by jewellers. So, this profession can make your toon a lot of money, especially as you level it up further with your toon, since there are several other professions that rely on this one to gain the mats needed for recipes and items.


This profession combines harvesting and crafting in one. Scholars are able to decipher lore that is found near ruins and then allows the scholar to use these lore items and other ingredients to make oils, potions, enchants, and scrolls that help players of all types. So, this will always be a very profitable profession, as all players love to have extra buffs on themselves and their equipment to help them get that little edge over the others.


This profession allows players to make light and medium armor. While light armor requires cloth from vendors, medium armor requires leather from foresters. So, depending on which class and race you are, you will always be able to use something that you can make when you are a tailor. This is the best reason to choose this class - to help out your own armor - but you will always be able to sell the items that you make to other players who did not choose tailoring as their profession but still need the items that you make.


This profession allows players to create weapons like axes, maces, and swords. It also allows a player to make tricks for burglars and traps for hunters. (This is another good profession for a hunter, as you can use both the weapons and the traps.) And, being a weaponsmith will also allow you to be able to create the weapons that your toon needs - or wants. You’ll also be able to sell these weapons on the auction to other players who need them as well. But, you will have to have the metal that prospectors provide for this profession.


This profession allows players to make wooden weapons, like bows and spears, as well as other components that are needed by other professions. But, it requires wood from foresters to make the items that you want.

All 10 Professions

Now that you know the basics of all ten professions and what they are used to make and create, it’s time to move on to the groups of professions that you’ll be able to choose from in the game. Since the professions aren’t chosen by singles, you will have to study the groups of professions that you can choose from to see which is the best for your playing style and which will make you the most money in game.

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