Lord of the Rings Online Professions - The First Five

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A Little Work in Your Play

Ready to delve into the different professions that you’ll find in Lord of the Rings Online? Well, this article will start you off on the professions that you can choose from to start you on your way to making some great gold in game.


This profession allows players to make foods that help both themselves and other players recover power and morale when they are not in combat. It also provides players with temporary buffs or bonuses, like in other MMORPG games. This crafting skill needs goods gathered by farmers to make foods. Cooks provide minstrel’s lute strings that help to reduce their threat to mobs, which is a great way to make money in game.


This profession allows players to grow crops for cooking. This skill is different from other gathering professions since it requires that the player has seeds to grow the items needed. Farmers provide items that are used by cooks and by scholars for dyes and by hunters for the straw that they need to make traps. (This is always a good profession for a hunter to take up.)


This profession allows players to gather and craft scattered wood. This profession is also able to treat leather that is dropped by animals and used by tailors. So, for those who love solo play and love to explore - this is a great profession to take up as you can easily level your skill as you explore.


This profession can create different pieces of jewelry which all offers a different type of buffs or benefits to the wearer. They can also make tokens and runes for champions, which means that this is a great profession to take up for you champions out there to save you. This profession requires metals and gems from prospectors which is why you’ll find this paired up with some other professions that will help you out.


This profession allows players to make heavy armor and shields, but relies on the metals that they get from prospectors. So without access to the metals you need, you won’t get far in this profession. But, for those who choose the profession that includes this with prospecting, you can easily make some great money later in the game as you learn to make more complex items that other players need.

The Next Five

In the next section of this series, we’ll go through the other five professions that you will have access to in Lord of the Rings Online as you move through the game and start making your golden fortune.

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