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There are a few vocations that will work better for different classes as they go through the game. No matter which vocation you choose, make sure that you constantly work to level your professions and skills so that you can provide as many different items as possible. Place these items on the Auction House for cash, and try to cut your price below the other items of the same type on the Auction House. By keeping your prices lower than the others you will make more money by selling more.

With each vocation, you gain a gathering skill. This is one of the most important money makers that you have at your disposal. Each profession uses different items that come from gathering skills, and some vocations will require items that their gathering skill can not provide. You should always take the time to gather items with your gathering skill so that you can place them on the Auction House for other players to purchase to level their crafting skills. Keep and eye on the Auction House to see when items that you can gather are in low supply and then do a run to gather just those things. To make the most of your gathering skill, you should do a “supply run” once a week, where you simply head out into the world and gather items for sale on the Auction House. By doing this, you will not only be able to craft items from your professions for sale, but you will also be able to provide other players with the means they need to craft items – and a great way to make you some money!

Profession Groups

Here are the different profession titles that you can choose from and what each entails so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting now that you have seen what each individual profession will offer your toon:

Armorer – (prospector, metalsmith, and tailor) This profession set is great for those who like to depend on themselves, as you can mine the metals and gems needed for metalsmithing and you can make your own light and medium armor without worrying about paying the high prices from other players.

Armsman – (prospector, weaponsmith, and woodworker) This is a great profession set for those who love to solo play and those who love to farm mats for gold. Since you have the prospecting profession, you’ll be able to mine the mats needed for a couple of different professions and you will also be able to make the weapons that you need or want for your toon. You will need the wood from other players for your woodworking, but that is ok with the money that you’ll make from the other professions.

Explorer –(forester, prospector, and tailor) For those who love money, this is the way to go. Here is why: you basically get two different gathering professions here, with the prospecting and the foresting. So, you’ll be able to double your money with mats and items that you can make. You will have access to the leather that you need for tailoring as well, so that is a great way to go for those who need to use the light and medium armor in game.

Historian – (farmer, scholar, and weaponsmith) Now, here is a profession group for those who love potions, elixirs, and oils that will really buff a player up. Not only will you have unlimited access to these potions as you begin making them, but they always will sell great to others.

Tinker – (prospector, jeweller, and cook) This is a great profession set as it offers some awesome ways to make money from items that players really need and want. For example, you’ll be able to mine mats to sell and those you’ll need for jewelcrafting as well as cook foods that will help buff you up as well.

Woodsman – (forester, farmer, and woodworker) For those out there who love the exploration and gathering skills, here’s your profession set. This is a great way to find mats and sell them or use them to make the items that you need either from food or from woodworking.

Yeoman – (farmer, tailor, and cook) This is an all-around low buff profession group. You’ll be able to make your own light and medium armor and gather and cook your own foods - but you will need the cloth and leather for your tailoring.

And that’s about all there is to know about the different professions in Lord of the Rings Online. In future articles, we’ll go in depth on each one and the best ways to level them.

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