Left 4 Dead 2 - New Weapons List & Strategy Guide

Left 4 Dead 2 - New Weapons List & Strategy Guide
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Left 4 Dead 2 New Weapons List & Strategy Guide

In Left 4 Dead 2, new weapons comprise a majority of the survivors arsenal throughout the five new campaigns. With the addition of melee, the Left 4 Dead 2 new weapons list is varied and full of nuanced usages. These changes have re-invigorated the underlying mechanics inherent to combat within the game, while changing the dynamics of fighting zombies to such a degree, that many new strategies & planning need to be created. This article will look to provide a full Left 4 Dead 2 new weapons list as well as presenting some strategies or ways to effectively utilise the arsenal additions.

A Guide To The Left 4 Dead 2 New Weapons

There are eleven new melee weapons in Left 4 Dead 2, each providing a slightly different problem to the common infected. Firstly, the generic melee weapons can kill common infected with a carefully placed swing while being able to decapitate or seriously wound them when aiming for headshots. These melee items include a fire axe, golf club, baseball bat, guitar, machete, katana or “Ninja Sword” as the survivors call it and crowbar (as a not-so-subtle hint to Half Life). All of these weapons have a similar animation and can disperse 3-6 zombies at once, with a wide swing of the chosen item.

In addition to these weapons, players can use a chainsaw – dealing massive amounts of damage with the trade off of limited fuel – as well as both a frying pan and nightstick which aren’t as effective or at least aesthetically devastating as the other melee choices. Finally, in an homage to the film Shaun of The Dead, Valve have placed a cricket bat into the game. Although some of the other weapons have origins in previous cultural artifices – Evil Dead and its use of chainsaw for example – this out of context use of the bat is perhaps placed more for humor than anything else.

The Gun Component of Left 4 Dead New Weapons

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Melee pickups aren’t the only Left 4 Dead 2 new weapons usable in the game, as there are a plethora of new guns and ammunition types to alter the experience. Not content with five different weapons in the first game, Valve decided to cater to those game players seeking variety in their Left 4 Dead 2 weapons. With fourteen separate weapons to choose from, players have a greater brevity in fighting against the infected. This is complimented by the addition of a Magnum pistol that can be exchanged for the default dual-wielded handguns.

Instead of two base weapons – the pump action shotgun and SMG – Left 4 Dead 2 includes a silenced SMG and a chrome shotgun as starting pickups. In addition, the auto shotgun has a combat variant (a SPAS-12) while the scoped hunting rifle has a further sniper rifle gun that can be picked up. On top of this, there are now three separate upgrades to the two sub machine guns, with a returning M-16, the venerable AK-47 and a combat rifle (SCAR-L). Finally, a grenade launcher can be carried for maximal impact while the legendary M60 machine gun can be picked up at designated locations for a spurious and limited time.