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Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats

Valve’s “Left 4 Dead 2” is a great game, but what if you want to enjoy it without the danger of being mauled to death by zombies? Enabling the developer’s console on the PC or Mac version of the game allows you to cheat, including enabling invulnerability, spawning infinite weapons, or even changing how the game itself behaves.

To enable the developer’s console, select “Options” on the main menu, and then click “Keyboard/Mouse.” Click “Allow Developer Console” and then click “Enabled.” You can now access it during the game by using the tilde (~) key. You can only use cheats on custom-launched map, so, from the main menu, press tilde and type “map " and select one from the autocomplete list. After it loads, type “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheats.

Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats: Giving the Gift of Guns (Among Other Things)

The first “Left 4 Dead 2” cheat you want to enable is God mode, or invulnerability, by typing “god 1” without quotes. Next up: guns and other items! Use these console commands to immediately spawn the specified item.

  • give pistol
  • give autoshotgun
  • give huntingrifle
  • give rifle
  • give chainsaw
  • give katana
  • give grenade_launcher
  • give gascan
  • give molotov
  • give oxygentank
  • give pipe_bomb
  • give vomitjar

If you need ammo, simply type “give ammo” or use the command “sv_infinite_ammo 1” to get infinite ammo. There are also console commands to spawn health (give health) and pain pills (give_pain_pills).

The developer console also allows you to switch the game from first- to third- person. Enable third-person mode using “thirdperson” or “thirdpersonshoulder” – I recommend the latter. (You can switch back to first-person with the “firstperson” command.)

Advanced Commands: Spawning Zombies

Basics like infinite ammo and weapon spawning are fun, but the developer’s console also allows you to change the basics of how the game functions. Use the following commands to control the AI director:

  • director_force_panic_event – spawns a huge wave of zombies
  • director_panic_forever – the wave of zombies will never end

You can also take control of zombie spawning yourself using these commands:

  • Standard zombie: z_spawn zombie
  • Whole mob of zombies: z_spawn mob
  • Boomer: z_spawn boomer
  • Hunter: z_spawn hunter
  • Smoker: z_spawn smoker
  • Jockey: z_spawn jockey
  • Tank: z_spawn tank

Caution: Attempting to spawn a witch seems to crash the game.

Highly Advanced Commands: Changing Game Variables

You can customize the game even further with these commands.

  • sb_open_fire 1 – makes survivor bots shoot or melee attack constantly.

  • noclip – enables flying, and allows you to walk through walls and floors.

  • sv_noclipspeed x – sets flight speed while using noclip. The default is 5.

  • boom – spawns an active pipe bomb at your feet.

  • kill – makes you die instantly.

  • z_health xx – changes the health of basic zombies. The default value of xx is 50.

  • z_speed xx – changes the speed of basic zombies. The default value of xx is 250.

  • z_common_limit xx – changes the maximum number of common zombies. The default is 30.

  • tongue_range xxx – changes the range of the smoker’s tongue attack. The default is 750.

  • z_tank_health xxxx – changes the amount of health on tanks. The default is 4000.