Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats, Achievements and Unlockables

Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats, Achievements and Unlockables
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Braiiins… Braiiins…

Everyone needs at least some, and zombies need their daily dose of fulfilling brain-sandwich goodness. For some unrivalled first-person shooter zombie-action “Left 4 Dead” is definitely what you need; take your thinking-cap off and read through this article to beat the game without headaches (should your brain still be intact).

As usual we will list a combination of left 4 dead 2 cheats in the form of achievements, trainers and console codes so that the player knows what to look for or what to do for that easy win.

Console Commands

It’s no mean feat bringing up the console in L4D2, being one of the options in the “Option” menu as you launch the game. Simply go to that menu, then go to the “Keyboard/Mouse” menu and enable the option “Allow Developer Console.” The default key for launching the dev-console is the “tilde” (“~”) key.

Here are some popular commands to beat those rotten-flesh goons (or beat survivors):

Tongue_range # – Substitute # for a number. If you enjoy playing as an “infected” you can set the range of your smoker’s tongue attack with this command. It will be easier to pull survivors apart and you can cause mayhem with it.

Z_pounce_damage # – For pounce damage you can jump off telephone poles; distance contributes to the amount of damage you do. This command increases the amount of damage you do with your Hunter’s pouncing attack.

Z_health # – You might have guessed by now that all “Z” commands are for zombie related cheats. This simply increases the amount of health for infected.

Director_no_human_zombies (0/1) – Set your flag as on or off, which affects whether bosses are controllable or not, like the Tank or The Charger.

Give ammo – Refills your ammunition

Impulse 101 – Refills ammo for your primary weapon

Give autoshotgun – You get an automatic-shotgun. You can use “Give” commands for all items in the game, for instance: give first_aid_kit, give pipe_bomb, give rifle and so on.

God – God Mode!

Sv_infinite_ammo – Does exactly what it says.

Noclip – Turns off collision clipping.


Avatar Rewards

The only unlockables available in L4D2 are rewards for your avatar in multiplayer mode, like different shirts and looks. Never see the point in these myself but, nonetheless, here is how to unlock them:

Left 4 Dead 2 Shirt – This is unlocked by winning ten Scavenge-mode games in multiplayer mode.

Bull Shifters Shirt - This is unlocked by winning ten Versus-mode games in multiplayer mode.

Med Kit – Once you complete all five campaigns successfully you’ll get the Med-Kit avatar-award

Depeche Mode Shirt – Once in the Dark Carnival, play the shooting-gallery game and once you get 750pts you’ll rescue the garden gnome “Chomski” which unlocks this avatar-award.

Zombie Hand Shirt – Simply kill 10,000 Infected to get this.


Trainer By Kelsat

The trainer at cheathappens is for unlimited member only, so you can only download it if you have a subscription. There are other trainers, like the +2 trainer by Kelsat at MoFunZone.com which allows for unlimited life, unlimited ammo + no reload for both single-player and multiplayer.

There are also various +6 trainers around the web, whether in the form of torrents or on download sites like rapidshare. I would do a search and see which one works best for you; beware that some are picked up as viruses by virus-scanners, although they have been described as false-positives due to the way the files are compressed.

Download at your own risk.


Not quite cheats but unlocked by doing various things in the game. Here are some notable achievements and how to unlock them:

A RIDE DENIED (15) Wait for a Jockey to jump on a survivor, then kill it within two seconds to unlock this.

A SPITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (15) Play as an infected and as the Spitter, then use “spit” on a survivor while he/she is being choked by a smoker. You need to time it.

BACK IN THE SADDLE (15) Play as an infected and a Jockey, then ride any survivors twice in a single life.

BEAT THE RUSH (15) Get any medal playing a single Survival-mode round with only one weapon.

BRIDGE OVER TREBLED SLAUGHTER (30) In the game’s finale you need to cross the bridge in under 3 minutes.

CL0WND (15) Honk the noses of 10 Clowns.

CONFEDERACY OF CRUNCHES (30) Complete a campaign by using melee weapons only.

DISMEMBERMENT PLAN (20) You need to blast 15 infected with one grenade-launcher hit.

STACHE WHACKER (15) You need to play the whack-a-mole game for this, I think, and subsequently beat it to prove you are faster than Moustachio.

STILL SOMETHING TO PROVE (35) Survive every single campaign on expert-mode

THE REAL DEAL (35) Bit of a tough one, as you need to survive an epert-skill campaign, realism mode campaign.

Look on this page for a comprehensive list of unlockable achievements. Enjoy the game and use these “Left 4 Dead 2” cheats responsibly!