Left 4 Dead 2 - Characters Guide & Comparison

Left 4 Dead 2 - Characters Guide & Comparison
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The Left 4 Dead 2 Characters

Left 4 Dead ingrained a deep sense of character or player agency when it was first released some two years ago. With a tightly knit group of survivors, players learnt the nuances of each, with vocal, visual and subtle clues all pointing to their characterisation. Due to the new locale found in Left 4 Dead 2, it is only fitting that the game has a new cast for players to choose from. Like the first game, players can control four different characters, each with their own individual traits & style. This article will compare, contrast and detail the new Left 4 Dead 2 characters, providing some information on their pre-zombie-outbreak lives.

Nick - The Gambler

A down and out gambler, Nick drifts across the United States in search of backstreet gambling dens, honing his skills and trying to make a living – albeit a sparse one. Initially, he came to Left 4 Dead 2‘s city of Savannah, Georgia in order to hustle the dupes out of their hard earned cash. Instead, he is trapped on a hotel rooftop with a small group of survivors in the midst of a zombie outbreak. His lack of appreciation for others is instantly apparent in the early campaigns, but his relief and growing acceptance of his new acquaintances is defined well during the latter half of the five campaigns.

Coach - One of The Left 4 Dead 2 Characters

L4D 006

The burly Coach is a former collegiate defensive lineman who took a job teaching Health & Safety at his local high school in Savannah, after a knee injury abruptly ended his football career. Not content to stay out of the game, he became defensive coordinator for the freshman football team as a means of staying in the game. His knowledge of the campaign areas as well as his natural leadership abilities are helpful to the other survivors, with Coach’s guiding hand moving them through the horror of the infection that awaits at every street turn. It also helps that Coach enjoys the finer points of slicing infected with a chainsaw.

Ellis - The Youngest of The Left 4 Dead 2 Characters

L4D 005

Another Savannah native, the talkative Ellis is a mechanic who knows how to wield rifles and can take down infected with efficient aplomb. Living a simple life – working on fixing cars, hanging out with friends and cherishing his familial encounters – Ellis takes most things in his stride and the outbreak of infection is no different. Seeing it as a huge dare, he attacks things head on, with a poise belying his years. Furthermore, the stories and monologues he often spouts are a great interlude between the game’s action sequences, while they help color this young, somewhat innocent country man. Although these drawn out tales can often get infuriating after several listens…

Rochelle - The Journalist

L4D 004

With the title of associate producer, people would often think Rochelle was a high flying member of the big news station she works for. The reality was much different however, as her tasks included moving cables around and fetching the higher ups coffee. This changed when the infection hit and many were left sick, allowing Rochelle to produce a segment from Savannah, setting up next to and talking about the CEDA ran evacuation center. Unfortunately for her, a swarm of infected overran the area and she somehow found her way on top of a hotel, alongside the other three Left 4 Dead 2 characters.