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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 6 - A Thousand Cuts

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Lynch's plan didn't go so well. He's bleeding to death and naked in an abandoned building. I'll help you save Kane, grab a gun from a guard in the parking lot and fight your way through the police officers blocking your escape. If you need help finding some clothes and escaping, look here.

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    Saving Kane and Getting a Gun

    Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6 - Lost Love Get up and start moving. Get back into the building and swing to the right into the room that’s full of bicycles. Follow the blood trail into the laundry room to attack Hsing and save Kane. It seems that we’re a bit too late for Xiu though.

    Move out to the gate at the end of the hallway and lift it up to escape. Walk over to the parking lot with all the buses and drop down behind the guard by the first bus. Just run up to him and take him as a human shield. Shoot the few first responders and then execute the guy you grabbed. You should have plenty of bullets to finish clearing out the bus depot. Grab a shotgun from one of the dead gunmen and then run off to the right to find the exit.

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    The Police Blockade

    Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Chapter 6 - Saving Kane Walk down the alley until you come out by a few police officers. Get as close as you can and then open fire using the dumpsters for cover. A few more gunmen will return fire, so get up to the tree and use it for cover. This should be a simple duel with the shooters behind the cars. Pick them off and then advance. The path out is a narrow route past a wall on the right side. Be careful though. A cop with a shotgun is waiting for you. Take him out and grab his gun.

    Take cover on this pillar and engage the cops. If you don’t like this position, you can just leg it to the store across the street. It has a few fire extinguishers to throw and you’ll have a bit more cover. Move into the mall and open the gate on the TV store to have another brief cutscene.

    Walk out into the mall to meet another three cops. Take cover on the machine in the center and pick them out with some quick fire. I suggest that you grab one of their SMGs if you don’t have one already.

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    Firefight in the Mall

    Kane and Lynch 2 Cheats - Chapter 6 Walkthrough The next and last battle is in the fast food restaurant ahead. Take up a spot on the table at the back left and start firing. Pick off a few of the cops and watch for a dog that should run down the center. Once you’ve cleared a path, run up and kick in the doors to the bathrooms and come out toward the exit. Take cover and wait a moment. The survivor cops should fall back and disappear. Of course they’re just doing it because the secret police are moving in to take you out. There’s a fire extinguisher by the door. Toss it out and try to take out a few of the group as they rush the restaurant. A few will still come inside, so take them out from cover. Try to pick off a few of the guys by the cars and look past the tables. There’s a section of wall in the corner by the exit that will let you fire from some good cover and pick off of the officers to the far right. You should also be able to grab an assault rifle and a regular rifle from the cops inside. Use these new toys to grind through the cops behind the cars and just push past the barricade. Do try to leave the level with a rifle and an assault rifle. It will make Chapter 7 easier.

    Run down the street to escape and trigger the cutscene (and thankfully find some clothes).

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