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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 11 - One Way Ticket

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We're leaving Shanghai once and for all. Kane and Lynch need to get to Glazer's airplane if they want to survive another day. I'll tell you how to go through the airport maintenance tunnels, the hangars and finally the baggage center of the airport before the runway.

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    The Maintenace Tunnels

    Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - The Airport Maintenance Tunnels We’re back to Kane on this one for no real reason. It doesn’t affect play at all though, so don’t pay much attention.

    Run through the field and move toward the left. You want to be on the far left out building. Use it for cover and shoot the three guards in the head. Go ahead and pick up their pistols for some extra firepower.

    Go through the maintenance tunnel to pop up on a very secure section of the airfield. Since this isn’t Splinter Cell, I just took cover on the building to the left, shot the guard with the assault rifle, took his assault rifle and then used it to pick off the rest of the guards. About half of the guards up on the tarmac have pistols, so a prolonged firefight isn’t actually that bad.

    Shift to the right and clear a path to the next maintenance building. We need to get into that maintenance tunnel. Make sure that you have some ammo though. Walk through and look for the little fork to the right. You’re just following the green signs to find the exit for this one. There are two guards in the corridor and a third at the end. Pick them off and then break to the right. Watch out for a guard waiting to ambush you in the corner though.

    Keep moving and shoot the tank in the next corner to kill the two men. Swing around and take cover on the corner. Use blind fire to take out the next cop. Advance a bit more and take out the three men in the other side of the maintenance tunnel, then move down the main path. You should see a ladder that you can use. Climb up to reach the airport hangers.

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    The Airport Hangars

    Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Chapter 11 - One Way Ticket Go inside and take the stairs to reach the second hangar. Glazer’s private plane is here, but it’s not really flight worthy. So we need a new ride. Move up to the tool box and take out a mercenary to start the battle. Just pick them off from cover and wait for the security team to move in too. Pick them off and move up to the wing. Note that the wing has two machine guns on it next to the bags of cash. Pick them both up, but try to use your backup weapon to pick off the rest of the guards in your way. It’s nice to save this for the truly tough enemies that we’ll face in a moment.

    A few more cops will come out from the cabinet by the exit door. Gun them down when they try to get into cover. Open up the gate and run down to the airport itself. Kick open doors until you reach the baggage area. Draw a bead on the two guards and take them both out. Two more will run out on the catwalk above them, so take them out too. Two teams will come in on the left and right. Quickly hit your team with a few diagonal shots and then run out and help Lynch move up a bit.

    Lift up the gate at the end to go through it and reach the new area.

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    The Baggage Center

    Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Chapter 11 - Escaping the Airport There’s another baggage area her. Take cover behind the first machine and use blindfire to pick off the four guards in the room. A security team will storm through the side entrance though, so get ready to face the armored guys again. Feel free to wipe out the machine gun to make short work of them, or stick to your favorite backup for some easy headshots while they try to get into position.

    Swing around and take out the last few guards blocking the door with the green light above it. Try to kick it open only to be interrupted by two soldiers kicking it open. Fire wilding at them to take them out. One of them has a machine gun, so grab some more ammo if you need it and also get the assault rifle. Enter the room with your new ammo. Lynch will come in above you on the catwalks and cover the room fairly well. We just need to help hold the floor.

    Move along the baggage belt until you reach the corner. Look over the belt and ambush the two guards moving toward you. It should be an easy two kills. Look above and pick off the machine gunner above the green sign. If you can’t score the headshot, just blow away the sign and shoot him.

    Move down the line and swing around to the second line. Look over it and pick off the officers inside from behind the counter. Keep an eye out on the end though, since one might come around the corner and rush you.

    Swing around the corner and throw the fire extinguisher toward the door ahead of you. Don’t shoot it just yet though. Watch your right side for another guard that might take up a position there, and just mop up the rest. Lynch should go over there and take up a position. In a moment, a large armored security team will storm through the door. Pull out the machine gun now. We’ve been saving it for this. Shoot the extinguisher and hold the trigger down to take out half of the assault team. Fall back and use the baggage line to fire at the armored cops from the side. Stick to blindfire from the machine gun and keep up the fire. You don’t need the machine gun after this, so don’t even bother to conserve ammo. Lynch should be able to mop up the ones on his side. Once the last one goes down, you’ll call it out and Lynch will move up. Grab a shotgun before you go. You’ll need it.

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    Hijacking the Airliner

    LKane and Lynch 2 Cheats - Chapter 11 - Reaching the Airliner in Time ife the gate and enter the next hanger. Kick open the door to reach the actual tarmac. You see that commercial airliner at the end of the runway. That’s our getaway vehicle. Note that this isn’t a challenge where you have to jump on before it flies away. You need to make it there before the ladder cart drives away, so this is actually pretty tight. You definitely need to run the whole time and don’t worry about all the guards. Lynch will do a decent job of keeping them off of your back. Pull out the shotgun and start running.

    The first guard is on the right. Just pop him as soon as you can. If he knocks you down, just hold down the trigger to at least knock him down too. Lynch can finish him off. Run forward after Lynch and help him gun down the two guards ahead. There will be one guard behind you too. Just let Lynch pick him off with the pistol, unless he’s really hurting you.

    Don’t take the first right. It’s a dead end. Take the second right through the carts and swing to the left. Blast the guard ahead and make a straight run for the plane. Look to the left as you run forward for two dogs that will jump out and attack. Fire the shotgun from the hip and you should kill them before they reach you. If not, just lean up and fire a few blasts to help Lynch take them out.

    After that, you’re home free. Just make it to the ladder and the end cutscene will play.

    Congratulations, you’ve completed the Story Mode for Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.The Airport

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