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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 3 - Blood, Sweat & Tears

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We're doing a little bit of a fact finding mission. We're moving out with Glaser's men to figure out why Hsing tried to have him killed. Our little army will have one big battle ahead of them and of course things won't work out right. If you need help finishing up chapter 3, look here.

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    The Sweat Shop

    Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3 Move forward with Tommy and follow him through the sweat shop. No reason to start shooting, so just hold your fire and keep walking. Wait for Tommy to kick open the door and promptly lose half of his head. Looks like it’s just Kane and Lynch for this one.

    Take cover by the door and take out the first few guards. Don’t go through the beads, unless you you just want to do it. I only survived running through the beads because I fired wildly as I crawled back to the doorframe. I suggest you take the back door and circle around to get behind them.

    Walk through the next area. Just go up the rotten stairs and across the loose floor to make it over. There isn’t much to the right, so just walk straight ahead until you wind up back by a group of gunmen. This is our quick lesson in taking human shields, so grab the guy and fire on the man on the floor to take him out quickly. Go ahead and use up your pistol ammo (unless you’re still holding onto a pistol, it should be free ammo) to try and take out the guys up top. If you have trouble picking them off with headshots, just shoot at the boards below them to tear away their cover.

    Move up the steps carefully and with a shotgun aimed. Don’t actually enter the room. Take cover on the corner and aim inside. Kane has god mode on, so just let him rush in and take the burnt of the attack. You need to clear the room up here quickly. Hit the guy on the corner and try to take out the man in the middle. A few more will rush into the room. Try to take them out with blindfire or at least hold them back. If one rushes you, try jamming “F” to take them as a human shield as a last resort.

    If you missed a guard in the lookout point, you need to also swing in and clear them out to stay safe.

    Go forward and enter the series of hallways. Take cover on the doorway quickly, since one gunman will fire from the cover of the first side door. Let Kane take the main move down the left side. Swing to the room on the right and gun down the first man. Kick down the second door in here and blow this man away too. Kane should handle the hallway just fine, so move on the third and clear them out again.

    Move forward a bit more and kick down the door. We finally have some friendly faces at least. The second team is moving ahead to the courtyard to punch through to Hsing’s office. Run up and join them.

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    A Few Friends

    Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Blood Sweat and Tears There's already a big battle going on, so try to use the distraction to your advantage. One of your allies should catch a bullet in the head. You can pick up his assault rifle for a nice upgrade for the time being. Don’t actually join your team though. The green packages don’t offer enough cover. Stay behind the stone and use this position to flank the men in the courtyard. They’re focused on the second team, so you should be able to just clear them out.

    Move up and into the courtyard once you’ve cleared out some of the people. Just keep advancing and shooting until you get inside and up the stairs to the actual rooms. Make sure that you grab a shotgun on your way up though. We have a bit of room clearing to do. I suggest that you swing to the left. Your team will cover you for a bit. Try to not wait for long in front of a window, since the other shooters will be able to fire at you from across the courtyard.

    The good news is that while the first room has several gunmen, they have to funnel themselves through the center. Just hold your ground in the center and take them out one by one. It should just be fish in a barrel. Just repeat this process for the series of rooms. Don’t rush into anyone of them. Use the door for cover and aim inside to peek in and check for ambushes.

    Your goal is a blue door that’s diagonally across from the stairways. Kick it in and go through. Nothing too exciting after that though. Just pull open the gate and you’ll enter the warehouse area.

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    A Few New Enemies

    Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - Destroying the Getaway Van in Time Kick open the first door on the right to find the office. Things will take a bit of an ugly turn though. It seems that we’re not exactly welcome anymore. Right back to Kane and Lynch, I guess. Once you regain control, you’ll need to wait a second to regain your bearings. There’s a whole lot of lead flying and dust in the air. Look around and run for the open doorway. You need to get up those stairs. Don’t engage the mercenaries on the floor just yet though. Duck into the room off to the side on the second floor and grab an assault rifle off of the table. Grab the second one to fill up the ammo for it.

    Save the assault rifle though. We’ll need it in a second. Use the walls for cover and look at the floor. They’re not perfect and the shooters on the floor will wear the walls down quickly, but there isn’t much else. Use your backup weapon to pick off two of the mercenaries on the floor. This should trigger the getaway van. We need to blow up the getaway van before Glazer’s men escape. You can barely do this if you’re doing perfect shots on the van and unload all twenty-five shots from the basic shotgun. If you saved that assault rifle. then two clips should do fine. Just hold down the trigger and scroll down to account for the recoil. It should blow up before it escapes. If it starts to pull away, note that you'll have a few more seconds to blow it up, since it will crash into some boxes on the way out.

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    Escaping the Warehouse

    Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Escaping the Warehouse We’re still not in the clear though. The police are responding so we need to get moving. Kick open the door at the end and swing around to meet the first responders. Use what’s left of the assault rifle to pick off the men on the balcony, then switch to your backup weapon and rush the room ahead with guns blazing. You can grab a nice SMG and shotgun from the dead cops, so I suggest that you do it.

    Keep working through the rooms until you come out on the end with another gate. Go out to the alley and just walk forward. You’ll run right into a cop, so take him out at close range. There’s a dog coming, so try to blast it before it makes it to you. Once again, you can basically stay in cover and shoot them like fish in a barrel. Swing to the left and go down the alley. You can climb the brick wall to finish up the level and escape.

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