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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 1: Welcome to Shanghai

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We're starting off with a simple mission in Shanghai. Kane and Lynch need to get a guy called Brady to stop being a nuisance. Things don't really go as planned though, so there will be a lot of running and shooting in our future. If you need help with this starting level, look here.

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    A Little Chase

    Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - The DVD Store This is technically a tutorial mission but there’s no reason to not cover it as part of the whole.

    Walk up to the door at the top of the steps to kick it open and watch Brady slip away with an unknown and quite under-dressed girl. Chase him out. He’ll fire a few shots at you if you get close. Just return fire to make sure that he keeps running. Chase him through the apartment and its apathetic residents and catch up to him as he locks the gate.

    Kick the door open and cut through the apartment to reach the courtyard. Unfortunately, he brought a few friends with him. We need to shoot our way past them. Take cover on the corner and lean out to hit them both and clear the way.

    Chase Brady and his girl across the rooftops and drop down into the cafe. Head down in to the DVD store but be careful as you round the corner. You’ll get knocked down by the shooter with a at the base of the stairs. Get back into cover on the corner and take him out. Run forward and grab his Uzi. There are two shooters ahead of us, but there’s a little path to the right. While Kane keeps them occupied, slip over to the right and walk up to the corner. Stick to the corner and peek around to ambush both of the men. Grab more ammo and continue your chase.

    You’ll run right into another four guys. Just get behind the counter and mow them down with your new SMG. Grab more ammo and turn to the corner to find another four. Repeat the trick from the cover of a display and grab one of the shotguns that they should just. You now have something for range and something for close quarters. Always try to do this.

    Chase Brady and the girl down the alley and into the market area.

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    The Market

    Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - Firing Position in the Market There are more gunmen waiting here, but there’s plenty of cover. Take cover in the market itself and vault over the counters to get into a good firing position. There are three men by the market and one behind the blue van. Just fire and move and they’ll die quickly.

    Cut through the warehouse and continue the chase until you get to another counter. You can just throw a gas can into the center stall to roast the gunman inside. You can throw a few more cans out and not shoot them, if you’re having trouble with the last skirmish. Otherwise, just vault over and get into the market stall. A few cars will pull up and drop off reinforcements.

    Start by shooting the can in the middle to clear them out a bit. Then just start picking off the guys on the left. Kane should have the right side covered. Once they’re down, sprint down the alley to corner Brady in the market. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really go down as planned.

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