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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 5 - Coming Home

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Xiu didn't make it to the club, so Kane and Lynch need to see if she's alright. This means a running gun battle with Shangsi's men as you fight across the rooftops to help Xiu escape. If you need help getting to her apartment or escaping from the ambush inside, the look here.

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    The Apartment Building

    Move forward and examine the group of gunmen ahead. You should wait for the man urinating on the pillar to walk back and then swing up carefully on the right. Get close and then open up on them with a shotgun. Take them out quickly and rush up to the building.

    Cross the first floor lobby and make it to the stairs. On the second floor, you’ll run into some gunmen. They should mainly be on Kane’s side. Take cover in one of the niches and pick them off as best as you can. You want to help Kane move forward so that he can mop up the rest and cover the few that come your way.

    Move up the third stairway for the reverse. Kane will try to help you move along as most of the gunmen are on your side of the building. You can get into the niche and be fairly well protected from both sides. Help Kane advance on his side and he should be able to swing around and flank the rest of the men on your side.

    Go up the steps together to hit an autosave point. There’s just one path here. Fire on the first two runners before they make it to cover. If they do make it, grab the gas canister and throw it at them to take them both out. Bound over and take out the third who should try to rush you. Watch the cover ahead and try to gun down the first man who runs up and takes cover behind the door. He’s a real pain otherwise. Get behind a pillar in the corner and watch for the next two. Take them out and watch for the third if he tries to rush you. The gunmen on the balconies above you are also pretty dangerous. The balconies and niches here actually aren’t very good cover since the shooters are above you. Stick to the pillars to be safe. Clear a path and jump over the barrier to make it to Xiu’s room.

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    Protecting Xiu

    Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Chapter 5 - Protecting Xiu 

    Xiu isn't here and they're ready for us. Take cover behind the pillar in the middle and return fire on the soldiers outside (well, freaky guys in white costumes, but they fight like soldiers). Wait a moment and they should punch a whole in the wall to get ready for a breach. Reload and just wait for the explosion. Shoot the three men that rush through the explosion and then go through the breach. Work through the apartments. You should just kill the two agents ahead in a cutscene. Xiu is out on the apartment building across from us, so get ready for some very precise shooting.

    You can grab a sniper rifle with twenty shots from this room. I actually preferred using an assault rifle for the next part, but found that the sniper rifle was good for the final fight. I suggest you grab it as a backup for the next push. Go out to the balcony and look to the right. Keep steady fire on the four gunmen rushing Xiu from the right. Note that only the costumed guys will try to grab her. The rest are there to provide cover for him. Take out the next wave from the left.

    Once Xiu jumps onto the pillar, you need to really watch her. If one of the soldiers tries to grab her, they will just end up pulling her off to her death. So you need to take them out quickly.

    Continue to cover Xiu as she moves to the left and makes it to the stairwell to continue her escape. If she's stuck at the left side, look to the right and see if one of the guards is still alive. Kill the survivor and she should move on.

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    Finding Xiu

    Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - Finding Xiu - Chapter 5 Rooftops Go through the side door into another apartment and work your way out to the rooftop. Drop down to the roof and look to the right for Xiu. There's nothing you can do to actually help her. I suggest you just keep your head down and focus on the two agents that run in and cut off your path. Take them out and chase after Xiu.

    Drop down to the roof with all the air conditioners and take cover behind the table. Clear out the first rushers and then swing to the left with your assault rifle out. Clear out this side while Kane clears out the center area. Note that you shouldn't just run blindly past the clothes line. This area is a kill zone with several soldiers waiting to ambush you. Stick to the left and advance carefully.

    You don't have much further to go. Use the boxes for cover and keep firing on the costumed soldiers. The sniper rifle will put them down quickly. If the path is clear, just run to the back and you should trigger the scene with Hsing and Xiu.

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