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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Chapter 8 - Out of Shanghai

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

It's time for Kane and Lynch to get out of the country. We need to make our way out of the shipyard and catch any train that's leaving Shanghai. This isn't going to be easy due to all the soldiers looking for us. I'll help you get through the warehouse and onto the train for a slow escape.

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    The Warehouses

    Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - The Soldiers in the Car Warehouse There aren’t any enemies for a moment, so just sprint forward around the truck and to the gate. Go into the warehouse and look around. We’re still safe for a moment, but soldiers are about to storm the station.

    Note that this entire area is quite open and you can actually take out the soldiers and advance in whichever manner that you wish. I suggest that you take this fairly simple route though. Go up the stairs to the catwalk and go across into the warehouse with all of the cars. Kane should follow you. Take cover behind some sheet metal and get ready. There are a lot of assault paths, but only two main ones. They can flood the ground floor through all the open doors and they can also flank you by going up the stairs and around to rush the catwalk itself.

    This is a good area to defend. The soldiers will have to attack you in a fairly shield position. Now, if they come through the door and attack, it should just knock you down. You should be able to gun them down before they actually kill you, at which point you can get back up. The numbers seem to vary for flanking though. One time six soldiers came up, but only two came up the time before.

    The ones on the ground floor can’t shoot through the sheet metal, so you can basically just settle in and pick them off with your assault rifle. Remember that you can grab ammo from any of the people that try to flank you. I counted about three main waves. Once the path looks fairly clear, you can walk around the catwalk and then drop down. Loot the bodies for ammo and then walk forward.

    Be very careful with the next spot. If you get killed here, then you’ll have to start over. Note that the steel pipes are not very good for cover. Either stick to the doorway or don’t actually take cover. You can just stand behind the pipes and gun down the six soldiers left as they try to flush you out. Once they’re down, breathe a sigh of relief and go into the next warehouse.

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    Fight to the Trainyard

    Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Flanking the Machine Gunners in Chapter 8 We’re far from done. Two machine gunners are coming in with a whole lot of soldiers as backup. There is only one really surefire way to do this one. You might have luck blindly rushing forward. If you pull it off just right, you can grab a machine gun and decimate the second wave and basically just run forward with guns blazing.

    The best way to do it is to swing to the right and make it to the back. Stick to the steel piles and fire on the soldiers as best as you can. Note that there are gas canisters and tanks everywhere. You can toss them to take out a few soldiers from cover. Note that Kane should keep the machine gunners and part of the wave tied up.

    Slowly push forward along the steel on the right side. Make sure that you don’t leave anyone behind you. You should be able to clear the center out quite clearly. You should be able to make it to the end and take out the two machine gunners from behind. Make sure that you grab their guns. Having a machine gun with 300 rounds should make the rest of the fight much easier.

    Turn down the line and fire into the reinforcements that come out of the building. The machine gun will make really short work of them. Punch through and get through to the railyard. Just sprint across the tracks and open the gate to get into the train station.

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    The Train Station

    Kane and Lynch 2 Cheats - Chapter 8 - Clearing the Train Station I suggest that you switch to your backup weapon for this part. You’ll just face a few average cops. I used the automatic shotgun to basically blast right through them. I didn’t even have to take cover, which was a nice break from the last fight.

    Go out into the more active part of the railyard. We’re almost home free for this one. Round the corner to face a new group of soldiers moving in on our position. Take cover on the first pillar and use the machine gun to clear a quick path through them. Switch back and forth between the two sides to clean them up. As you round the corner, stop and fire a few bursts to take out the marked sniper.

    Advance to the next train and get behind some good cover. Once again, just keep up the fire. If your machine gun runs out of ammo then remember to pick up a new rifle. Just pick them off as best as you can. Note that you shouldn’t go through the train itself. Go around it to the left and stick close to the big machine. The power box in front will protect you well and the machine shields you from the front. If you just go through the train, then you’ll get stuck in a weak spot and take fire from all sides, so try to avoid that.

    Help Kane clear out this area and then open up the gate.

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    Reaching the Train

    Kane and Lynch 2 Help - Reaching the Train in Time to Escape in Chapter 8 Go through the car and enter the last area. Run forward to the sturdy crates and fire on the machine gunner and the soldiers. They’re in a tight space, so they should go down really fast. Pick the machine gun up and run forward.

    We’re on a tight time limit, so don’t take this one slowly. You have to get onto the flatbed car on the train before it pulls away. As long as you sprint your way to it, then you’ll jump on through a cutscene.

    There are several soldiers to the right side and a few in front. I suggest that you just fire off the machine gun from the hip and take them out as you move forward. As long as the path is fairly clear, I suggest that you just sprint up to it. Get onto the train to make a very brief escape. Shockingly, it seems that a slow moving train from a military controlled station isn’t a good escape vehicle.

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