Kane and Lynch 2 Cheats - Chapter 9 and 10 - Airstrike and Resurrection

Kane and Lynch 2 Cheats - Chapter 9 and 10 - Airstrike and Resurrection
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Chapter 9: Airstrike

There’s no real reason to write a walkthrough for this one. Remember that you can fire blindly and just focus on the marked machine gunners and soldiers with RPGs. If the left side is too damaged to provide cover, you can jump over to the right side and use it for cover.

When the other helicopters attack, just fire a lot of shots into the body and rotors and stick to cover when it attacks. The level will end after you shoot down the second helicopter and land on the roof.

Chapter 10: The Rooftop

We survived the crash but we’re back into the frying pan for this one. Move up carefully and approach the marked sniper. Note that sneaking up isn’t necessary. Just run up and take him as a human shield. Take a few shots at the police on the ground and execute the sniper. This actually isn’t that great of a spot to use as a firing position. You’ll probably get hit from both sides. Pick up the second rifle for the bullets and run back down the left ramp. Use it to snipe a few of the cops on the left side and a soldier or two who may have moved up. The air conditioners make for good cover.

Use the ramp again once the left side is cleared out. You can use the sheet metal for cover and snipe the soldiers on the ground. Once the path is clear, open the door and go inside the upper maintenance areas.

Walk ahead and grab the cop facing away from you. Execute him and fall back to the doorway. The catwalk is too exposed to make a good firing position. Lean out carefully and fire on the guards. I suggest that you use your sniper rifle to pick them off. Make sure that you also look for the guards that are behind the moving machinery in the middle. Move down the catwalk and flush out the rest with an assault rifle. Grab some more ammo and swap out the sniper rifle for a new shotgun.

Advance into the next section and go up the ramp to the raised catwalk. Move up to the monitors and move from cover to cover until you get a good flanking position on the soldiers on the ground. Take them out and then go to the edge. There’s another group of soldiers along the back path, so open fire and pick them off.

Go forward through the door and reach the elevator. Take it down.

Destroying the Helicopter

Kane and Lynch 2 Guide - Chapter 10 - Destroying the Helicopter

Advance down the hallway into the office. Take cover on the doorway and snipe at the cops inside. A helicopter will show up, so try to keep an eye on it and keep a column between you and it. If you turn to the left, you should be able to gun down most of the soldiers as they rush the room. Use the display cases to clear a path, but dno’t bother engaging the helicopter. We’ll take care of it in a minute.

Rush forward to the next room and use the first pillar for cover. Take out the soldiers on the left and wait a moment. The helicopter should tear out a lot of the desks and cover. If it doesn’t, fire on desks to clear a line of sight on the marked machine gunner. Take him out and move up to the pillar next to him. Wait for the helicopter to finish a strafing run, then rush out and grab the machine gun. Get back to the pillar, reload the machine gun and unload the whole clip into the helicopter at close range to destroy it. If it falls back before you take it down, just chase it into the next room.

Hopefully the helicopter is down. If not, just use the doorway for cover and finish it off. Use the machine gun to quickly gun down the few soldiers in the room and head out the exit.

A Slow Climb

Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough - The Destroyed Helicopter and the Machine Gunner

There are plenty of displays for cover here, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Take out the soldiers on the left and then shoot the glass to the right. Go through the side room to flank the soldiers and get close enough to the guards to safely kill them too.

Go out to the hallway and run into the smoke filled staircase. Just follow the hallway up another floor and open the doors to the sealed kitchen. Go through and you’ll end up in a room with a crashed helicopter. Yep, things are a little hot right now.

One machine gunner will run out and fire on Kane and Lynch. The rest of the surviving soldiers will spread out on the left and right. Move up to the right corner and see if you can pick off the machine gunner. He’ll tear you apart if you try to sprint across his field of fire. Use blindfire if you have to do so. Toss the fire extinguisher by the helicopter to take out the soldiers blocking it. Run into the helicopter and stop by the door. There’s another machine gun inside. Grab it to either get more ammo for your current one or just pick it up. Use it to quickly flank the survivors on this side of the helicopter. If you’re still low on ammo, pick some up from the machine gunner that you killed.

The second wave should be coming in from the upper floor. Look above you quickly and gun down the soldiers taking up positions above you. There isn’t much cover to protect you from them, so they need to die fast. Watch the helicopter for soldiers advancing through it. Take a moment and fire on anyone left on the upper floor, then go back through the helicopter and walk up the wreckage to the upper balcony.

Run ahead and get behind the table for some real cover. Use blindfire to take out the cops that are close to you. These armored guys don’t stand a chance against this machine gun. Go ahead and use up the ammo tearing through them. Just keep firing and clear the deck. Advance through the double doors once they’re down. If you’re out of ammo for the machine gun, then grab the an assault rifle from any of the dead secret police officers.

The Executive Floor

Kane and Lynch 2 Cheats - Chapter 10 - Finding Shangsi

Follow the path until you get to the executive floor and then keep moving until you come out in another office. Kick open the door and keep walking until you wind up in a room with a lot of ruined tables and smashed windows. Get back into cover and get ready for another firefight. Go ahead and burn through the rest of your machine gun ammo. There’s nothing that you need to save it for.

The first wave will stick behind the bar. Use your assault rifle or pick up the rifle on the already dead soldier to pick them off one at a time. Keep an eye on the right side though. Those flowing curtains can conceal a guard fairly easily.

The big thing to listen for is Lynch’s warning to Kane. He’ll shout out a big “Look Out!” when a group of reinforcements rappels into the room. If you’re quick, you can gun them down on the right side as they come in. Be very careful, since it isn’t that hard for one to slip behind you.

Move up a bit to get into a better position to snipe the guards. It shouldn’t be too hard to take them out. A few more should come into the room, but as long as you’ve got ammo there shouldn’t be a problem.

Get into the hallway in back after you loot some more ammo. Don’t use the animals for cover. They don’t make very good cover. Stick to the little niches in the wall. Use the first corner and mow down the first four soldiers with blindfire. Move up to another niche and pick off the two guards at the end of the hallway. Try to move quickly, since they can usually knock you down with a few shots.

Move up to the doorway and wait for Kane to make it to the zebra. Take out the guard on the left side and move up to the zebra. Stick to middle and shoot under the zebra to pick off the guards on both sides. Kane should keep the right fairly covered, but it isn’t assured. There’s no trick to this. Just grind through a few waves of guards and then make your way up to the office.

Run straight through to the office to finally find Shangsi. Enjoy the cutscene.

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