Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough for Playstation 2: Level 6 –You Better Watch Out

Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough for Playstation 2: Level 6 –You Better Watch Out
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Introduction To Level 6

Hitman: Blood Money has 12 grueling levels with multiple objectives. Level 6 is no different. In this Hitman Blood Money walkthrough, I will explain how to complete level 6 stealthily, without alarming guards. Before hitting your target, it is important to consider the following points:

• Most missions need stealth and patience. Mission No. 6 needs similar cunningness and stealth to accomplish it.

• While solving this level ensure you have the minimum required weapons. Remember you will have to escape the scenario after eliminating the target and you may need to drop your weapons to escape the ‘scrutinizing guards’ without harm.

• The mission has four important objectives. You will have to sneak through the bar area and eliminate playboy. The second objective is to acquire the tape which has disturbing content of a murder scene, possibly committed by the senator’s son. The last target is a blackmailer who recorded the tape. Be careful. A slight error can result in bullets ripping through your body.

Sneak Past Security Personnel and CC Cameras

You, as agent 47, have to enter a well guarded mountain villa. You have to head across a pier where there are two entrances with state-of-the –art security cameras. The best way to avoid detection is to sneak past them and take the entrance on the right. The entrance leads to a guardroom with a well-armed security officer. When the guard goes outside for some refreshments, sneak in and deactivate the alarm trap. You can then eliminate the guard and take his clothes or just run outside without alarming him.

Eliminate your First Target

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Take the elevator up to the main floor, sedate the security officer and take his uniform. Since you are in a guard’s uniform, nobody will recognize you. Head straight to the bar area. Take the aphrodisiac from the bartender and slip it into a cocktail drink placed on the table. The waiter will deliver the drink to your first target, the spoiled playboy. He will leave the Jacuzzi with his girlfriend to a private room. Open the door and follow him to the balcony area. No need to eliminate him with guns. Just push him over, silently.

Acquire the Tape and kill the Blackmailer

The next target is the blackmailer. This Hitman Blood Money walkthrough will explain how to eliminate the blackmailer:

Enter the VIP area. You will see two security guards guarding the door. Go through the door and take the elevator to the studio floor. The tape is located somewhere in a room crammed with computers. Enter the room and grab the video tape. Make sure you do this when there are no guards watching. Your second target will be strolling around the studio floor. Wait till he reaches the balcony and do the same trick: push him over!

The Escape Route

You will also have to escape safely, without alarming the guards. Drop any weapons and take the elevator to the terrace area. You will find security personnel guarding the roof, allow them to inspect for weapons. Since you don’t have any, they will let you go. The terrace area has a helipad. The chopper will be your escape route. Alternatively, you can kill the guards and escape via the chopper, but that can be a bit risky, so better drop the weapons before you reach the roof.