HellGate Beginner Guide

HellGate Beginner Guide
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Welcome To Hell

T3 Entertainment has revived a beloved but ultimately doomed MMO going by the name of HellGate: London. One of the reasons the game was so beloved back in the day was because it was – and still is – a one of a kind MMO that fuses many classic fantasy RPG qualities with a futuristic, post-apocalyptic atmosphere and setting. The best way to sum up HellGate is that it’s a combination of Constantine’s Hell meets Funcom’s Anarchy Online.

If that sounds like a real fun time for you then you’ll probably want an idea of what the game is like so you have a clue of what you’re stepping into before you actually step into it. No worries, here at Bright Hub you can get a nice little walkthrough for some of the basics of the game in this HellGate beginner guide.

The Six Character Archetypes


Unlike a lot of other games out there HellGate doesn’t have Fairies, Elves, Orcs or Dwarves as playable character classes. Instead, everyone has to be a human but of a various archetype. There are a handful of different archetypes to play as, including a Blademaster, Engineer, Summoner, Evoker, Guardian and a Marksman.

Like many other MMORPGS out there, the archetypes in HellGate fit into specific class categories, such as your typical long and short range DPS, CC, tanks, healers, etc. One of the unique aspects of HellGate, however, is that the archetypes aren’t restricted to specific roles like they are in other games. This is because HellGate’s combat is very unlike other games out there and is probably best compared to Icarus Studio’s Fallen Earth.

Now if you’re worried about weapons, many of the character classes with the exception of the Blademaster, can actually use long-range projectile weapons such as pistols, revolvers and more. So it all depends on what you plan to play for the long term that should determine what kind of class you would like to play.

Combat: Some Tactics And Strategies

Hellgate London

_HellGate’_s combat is usually pretty easy to get into, and requires the simple click of the left or right mouse button. Much like a first-person shooter, such as Operation 7 or Soldier Front, you will manually have to line up the sights in order to hit the target. One of the neat parts about the game though is that you don’t actually have to have a target within your reticule to fire your weapon or attack with a melee skill. This feature gives players a lot of freedom in how they attack or who they attack, making party play much more exciting and tactically intense.

For projectile based attacks players can use additional environmental objects to help during a battle, such as explosive barrels or canisters, which work particularly well when facing off against a boss or a large mob of enemies.

One thing to watch out for is that the controls during combat can be somewhat stiff. While it is possible to move around freely and execute skills at the exact same time there’s a bit of a pause between movements and attacks, even if you’re using a controller or joystick to play. It’s definitely something to keep in mind if you plan on doing a lot of running and gunning in the game.

Looting And Modifying


A really neat feature of HellGate is that after you complete an instance you can always return for additional loot that you may have had to leave behind due to a shortage of inventory space. The best thing to do is to only fill up your inventory with blue items, when they do drop, and you can use identifiers on them to find out if the items are worth keeping or not. Some legendary items that are only usable by Evokers or Summoners can sell for really high prices and are best put into the consignment shop.

You can also add modifiers to weapons to increase their attack power, range, damage types or effects. Keep watch over the kind of weapons you pick up and plan to keep and use because even if it’s rare if it only has one modification slot it will ultimately turn out worse than maybe a green weapon that has six modification slots.

For weapons or items that you know won’t sell for a high price or isn’t entirely useful to you, be sure to use the dismantle option after right clicking on the item in order to potentially receive crafting parts that can later be used to build new modifications, gear, items or even legendary weapons.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide helped set you in the right direction for playing the newly re-launched HellGate. For more character guides and class information on new and popular MMOs, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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