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HellGate Marksman guide
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Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

One of the newer archetypes to make their way into the realm of MMORPGs happens to be a Marksman. Now, this is not the kind of Marksman that shoots arrows and bolts while wearing a green man-dress with a red feather in his cap. Oh no, the new kind of Marks in MMOs is a hardened, take-no-prisoners, gun-wielding professional…or at least, that’s how they’re portrayed in T3 Entertainment’s HellGate. The recently re-launched MMORPG is now free-to-play and has a bigger following than ever before.

With so many new players flooding through the gates to give the game a try, not everyone is completely familiarized with the archetypes in the game, including the pros, cons and abilities of the Marksman in HellGate. But rest assured that here at Bright Hub we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the archetype with this HellGate Marksman guide.

The Role Of The Marksman

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With HellGate being a free-roaming action-MMORPG of sorts, it’s not the kind of game that really relies on standing still and exchanging blows with mobs. Instead, players have the freedom to move around and take cover, as well as use the environment as an advantage. This logic applies even more-so to the Marksman and Engineer than it does to the other classes due to their reliance on long-range attacks to supplement for their lack of melee abilities.

Many of the top skills of the Marksman require them to not move, however, which can greatly inhibit their ability to evasively maneuver out of the way. As you level up your Marksman you may find that they become less self-reliant and more-so primed for party play with all their high-DPS, stationary skills.

Still, it’s very easy to keep the Marksman efficient at soloing by focusing more-so on stick-and-move skills that enable them to deal a massive amount of DPS in a short amount of time and then quickly get out of the area, such as the napalm strike and grenade skills.

Take into account that Assault is primarily for solo play, while Recon mostly constitute of moves that are better suited for parties, and Demolitions is a nice mixture of the former two.

Mods And Upgrades

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Modifications are plentiful in the world of HellGate. For Marksmen it’s possible to find all sorts of rare and unique modifications that can increase the power, speed, damage or range of a weapon, as well as (in some unique cases) add DOT effects such as poison or fire damage. Be sure to keep all modifications and pay attention to the icons for the kind of modification that they represent. Mixing and matching the right kind of mods can increase a weapon sometimes up to five-fold.

You can also upgrade a weapon if you have the right kind of items and accessories available in your inventory. Simply head on over to a nano machine and place the item of your choice inside to see what the requirements are for upgrading it.

Skill and Ability List - Assault

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Rapid Fire: An active skill that rapidly shoots at all hostile targets within range. Players have no control over the accuracy or fire rate of this skill. Rapid Fire is only good as a quick way to clear out mobs directly in front of you.

Tactical Stance: Players must be immobile to use this skill. Tactical stance increases the range of the selected projectile weapon and increases damage per every rank up. While this skill isn’t ideal to use when soloing, it’s perfect for wearing down enemies at a distance.

Escape: This is an escape skill that allows players to get out of the way of danger for a short time by going invisible.

Escape Artist: Requires the skill Escape and for the player to be level 20. This speeds up the player character so that a tactical retreat becomes more successful.

Heightened Senses: Requires Rapid Fire level 3. This skill increases the damage of Rapid Fire and subsequent upgrades further increases the damage output.

Controlled Bursts: Requires Heightened Senses. This skill restricts the automatic fire of Rapid Fire into short, controlled burst shots that deal optimal damage.

Overshield: Requires Tactical Stance level 3. This skill increases the initial defenses of the player while in Tactical Stance, providing extra defense while immobile.

Hellgate 2011 7 2 22 42 17

Elemental Vision: Requires Overshield level 3. A useful skill that increases all elemental damage by 15%. This skill is best used in conjunction with elemental mods applied to the weapon of your choice.

Concussion Rounds: Increases the initial strength of shots by 12%. Subsequent upgrades add more strength per shot. This is an active skill and must be slotted in order to be used.

Rebounder Rounds: This requires level 3 Concussion Rounds. It adds an extra 10% chance [initially] to rebound shots off the wall and hit a target.

Raverger Rounds: Has a small chance to both ricochet and rebound, hitting additional targets. This skill requires Rebounder level 3 and can hit multiple targets whether your miss or not.


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Beacon: Uses an infrared let to paint a target, highlighting the enemy’s weakness. This skill is an active offensive buff and must be slotted to a quick-key.

Elemental Beacon: Requires Beacon level 3, and adds both elemental defense and offense attributes to the player character.

Multi-Beacon: Paints multiple targets, making them both easier to hit and increases the amount of damage they take. This skill requires Elemental Beacon level 3 in order to use.

Dead-Eye: Targets vital areas of an enemy. This is a passive offensive buff that always stays active, giving the player a small percentage increase for landing a critical hit.

Weapon Master: Adds an initial 20% critical hit chance to all attacks. Must have level 2 Dead-Eye to use.

Hellgate 2011 7 2 22 47 39

Multishot: Adds a double-tap effect to all weapons. Must have Weapon Master at level 2 in order to use. This skill is an active, slotted offensive buff that cannot be combined with Rapid Fire.

Sniper: This is similar to Tactical Stance, insofar that it decreases fire rates and recharge rates, but increases damage of all projectiles by 150%. This skill is extremely useful during party-based boss fights where players can get room to use the skill at a distance.

Master Sniper: Requires Sniper level 3. This skill increases critical hits while in Sniper mode by 20%.


Hellgate 2011 7 5 02 11 10

Grenade: A standard grenade attack that can be used even while moving. The six second cooldown and AOE damage also makes this an ideal skill to equip even if you don’t plan on becoming a demolitionist.

Napalm Strike: A timed explosive AOE attack that also happens to be a fire DOT attack. The delay of the explosion requires tactical use of this skill, otherwise it could leave you in a real pickle.

Phase Grenade: An adhesive grenade that attaches to surfaces and does several seconds worth of Spectral damage to all nearby enemies. Requires players to be level 10 or higher.

EMP Blast: Detracts the shields of all nearby enemies, making it easier to take them down. This is especially useful during PvP or when taking on a boss who has a high level shield equipped.

Smackdown: A semi-satellite attack that does decent Force damage for several seconds. This skill has a 40 second cooldown and requires players to be level 15 or higher.

Toxic Grenade: A toxic based grenade that does toxic damage to all nearby targets with moderate AOE damage. This grenade detonates instantly when hitting a non-friendly target, however it has a 1.5 second delay if it lands on an inanimate object.

Shock and Awe: An electric based attack that can be called down within a area to do static damage to all enemies within the area for a brief period of time.

Hellgate 2011 7 5 02 13 26

Flashcrasher Grenade: A stun grenade that has an initial AOE stun effect of three seconds and works within a 5 meter radius. Excellent for stunning large groups of difficult mobs and then peppering them with high-damage attacks.

White-Out Grenade: Disorients and blinds enemies for a brief period of time, leaving them unable to move or cast attacks. This skill requires players to be level 35 or higher.

Hopefully this guide helped you get a grasp on what to expect from the Marksman. You can find more class guides to popular and favorite MMOs right here at Bright Hub.

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