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HellGate Engineer Guide
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Engineers of the Dark Side

Summoning a little robotic help in T3 Entertainment’s HellGate takes only a simple click of a button. In the re-launched and reloaded version of HellGate: London, gamers can play as an Engineer, which allows for the summoning of a few bots to help out during a fight or to protect your toon while they take damage. Find out all the benefits, pros and cons of playing as the electronic savvy archetype in this HellGate Engineer guide.

The Role Of The Engineer

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If the HellGate Marksman is labeled as a straight-through DPS, the Engineer is definitely fitting for the role of a crowd-controlling DPS class. You can use the Engineer for two roles, one of which includes a supporting damage per second class, and the other is for calling in additional droids to either help teammates, hold off baddies or heal yourself.

The one thing that Engineers lack is defensive properties. So if you plan on going head-first into a battle with guns-a-blazing you might want to think twice considering that there’s nothing preventing the Engineers from losing life, despite the fact that they have droids to help them replenish life. In this regard, Engineers retain a strong sense of the supporting role especially during boss fights.

Regarding their damage output, Engineers are pretty good at dishing out a fair amount of damage to both single and multiple targets. Their ability to invoke summons like Evokers yet deal AOE damage like Marksman make them a nice mixture for gamers who enjoy pelting enemies with guns yet honing strategic skills with call-ins and robots.

Take note that Engineers can only use up to two robots at any given time.

Skill List And Abilities: Bots

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Inhibitor Bots: Better known as CC bots, these useful buggers can slow down opponents with an initial 20% inhibitor to enemy movement, with additional inhibitions to a target’s movement as the skill is ranked up. These bots are absolutely perfect for high-level crowd controlling.

Concussive Crash: This enables the inhibitor bots to explode upon command. Useful when you’re being overwhelmed and you need to take out a lot of mobs.

Haste Bot: This bot enables the Engineer and his teammates to use skills much faster, initially by 8%.

Nanobots: Basically these bots work as a DOT with periodic electrical damage. Since these aren’t actual summons you can summon the Nanobots independently from the other bots.

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Spider Mine: A timed mine that lasts for 12 seconds. It seeks out the closest enemy and then explodes.

Rocket Bot: Fires explosive rockets at the Engineer’s target. At higher levels the bot deals more rocket damage.

Molotov Assault: An explosive version of the rocket bot…this skill causes the rocket bot to explode on impact to an enemy mob and creates an AOE fire attack.

Bomber Bot: A bot that dispenses crowd controlling spectral damage debuffs. This bot also increases the amount of damage that targets receive. You must be level 25 or higher in order to activate this skill.

Ghostly Strike: Detonates the Bomber bot and creates an AOE spectral bomb to all nearby enemies.


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Construct Drone: A basic drone that Engineers can call onto the battlefield that fires lasers at selected targets. This basic construct doesn’t do a lot of damage but it’s good for distracting enemies.

Medpak Retrofit: Adds a medi ability to the Construct Drone, enabling it to heal the Engineer or fellow teammates.

Shield Generator Retrofit: This retrofit enables the Drone to recharge shields of the Engineer and nearby allies.

Repair Drone: Can restore an initial 50% of armor when activated. This skill is useful for keeping drones alive during heavy combat.

Armor Retrofit: Equip armor onto the Drone. As you level up this skill better armor grades can be added.

Master Engineer: Requires armor retrofit level 2. Further enhances the drone’s capabilities and armor with an initial 35% increase.

Hellgate 2011 7 5 02 11 10

Gun Retrofit: You can equip a gun to a Drone. You must level up this skill in order to equip higher level weapon grades to the Drone. Requires Construct Drone level 3.

Sword Retrofit: Just like the Gun Retrofit, this skill enables the Drone to use swords. Leveling up this skill enables for a higher level sword grades. Requires Gun Retrofit level 3.

Gyroblade: Requires Sword Retrofit level 2. This skill enables the Drone rotate around quickly causing massive damage to anyone nearby enemy it touches.

Tactical Mode: Just like the standard tactical mode for Marksman and Engineers, this causes the Drones to fire more quickly and accurately.

Advanced Tactical Mode: Adds additional critical attack, damage and defensive properties. Must have Tactical Mode at level 2 and your Engineer must be level 25 or higher.

Spec Ops

Hellgate 2011 7 5 02 13 06

Tactical Stance: This enables the Engineer to assume the tactical stance position just like the Marksman. This stance will increase the range and damage of your weapon output. If you move or activate certain skills you will automatically exit tactical stance.

Rapid Fire: An automatic fire-mode that fires several quick bursts in rapid succession. This skill can quickly dispatch mobs who are low in health and in very close proximity.

Beacon: This skill targets an enemy and paints an infrared marker on the target. So long as the target is painted, Engineers do an initial 17% more damage for 6 seconds.

Escape: For a short period of time the Engineer goes invisible to escape enemies. Initially only lasts for 3 seconds. Beacon level 1 was required.

Smackdown: Calls down a satellite strike with an additional 8% damage and an additional 25% synergy increase for all elemental skills at higher ranks.

Hellgate 2011 7 5 02 04 03

Shock and Awe: Stuns enemies briefly for an initial 2 seconds. At higher ranks enemies stay stunned longer.

Napalm Strike: Tosses a fire grenade that enflames an area with AOE fire damage for an initial 3 seconds. The damage increases exponentially at higher levels.

Phase Grenade: A sticky grenade that sticks to surfaces and explodes using phase energy that maintains phase damage for 5 seconds on enemies. At higher levels the damage is increased

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