Heavy Rain PS3 Walkthrough: Manfred - Mad Jack

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Heavy Rain PS3 Walkthrough: Scott Shelby - Manfred

Heavy Rain: Manfred’s shop.When you enter the shop, call for Manfred and proceed to the back of the shop. Interact with him. When he leaves and the phone rings, answer it. Then go and join Manfred. Have a drink and go through the conversation options, while showing him the letter. Also, grab the magnifying glass.

Go to the backroom when you gain control after the conversation, following Manfred going to get the accounts. Check his pulse and such, then close the window. Talk to Lauren, then wipe the window and phone. Wipe the phone in the main shop room. Then the glasses, bottle and magnifying glass. Next, an object on the table Lauren was looking at. Then the cabinet opposite the door. Then finally the door and leave.

Choose the not a game option in the car, then which choice you want. Select the remose option once the car stops. Then choose the other options, minus excuses and get out of the car. Console her.

Heavy Rain PS3 Walkthrough: Ethan Mars - The Shark

This is the one trial I failed and still got a good ending. Knock on the door when you get control, until it opens and then follow the on-screen prompts. He’ll try to shoot Ethan, so press the correct buttons to keep from getting hurt. When I had the chance to kill him, I didn’t by not pressing the R1 button.

Heavy Rain PS3 Walkthrough: Madison Paige - The Doc

Get off the bike and ring the door’s bell. Stop him from closing the door. Say no to a drink. Then when you sit down, choose the invent, apartment and no options. This is a race against time now. Stand up and go into the left room. Grab the card on the bedside table and leave the room. Now then, I chose to leave the house via the front door. However, if you stay around, you’ll find one of the best sequences in the game. If you fail it, feel free to reload the chapter just so you can experience it.

Heavy Rain PS3 Walkthrough: Norman Jayden - Mad Jack

Heavy Rain: Investigate the smoke when you’re done investigating.Get out of the car and move to the yellow vehicle that a man’s driving. Wait until you get his attention and then follow him. Now then, explore the entire building using ARI to look for clues, but don’t investigate where the smoke is until you’re finished. When you examine it, you’ll enter a fight. It’s very dangerous here, so do your best to do well with the quick-time event. When you get the gun, choose the second chance and gasoline options. Norman will then suffer from withdrawal symptoms again. Try to do the correct button presses, but if not, it’s not over yet. You’ll have to pass the next sequence.

Remember, you need to keep everyone alive for a good ending.

Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby - Eureka

Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby and Lauren back at the apartment, after  going to see Manfred.Listen to the dialog and when Lauren goes to take a shower, go into the kitchen and cook some eggs. Doesn’t matter if you cook them well or not. She should come out when you finish cooking. Go through the dialog and follow her.

Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby - The Cemetery

Listen to the dialog and follow her. When she talks to a woman, continue following her and when starts to look at the graves again, go and talk to the man digging. The grave you want has something on the floor by it. Select the two button prompts and the man who was digging will come and tell a story.

Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby - Twins and Flowers on the Grave

Listen to the dialog here and follow the boy. Climb up the wall when he stoops to give you a booster. Continue following when you pull him up. Eventually, John will ask to play hide and seek that sees you count. Feel free to cheat on the counting. Turn slightly to the left and head towards the sound of someone crying. He’s trapped. After trying to free him and some dialog, the scene will end. Follow Lauren then after the dialog.

Heavy Rain: Madison Paige - Sexy Girl

Heavy Rain: The Blue Lagoon.You’ll be in a club called the Blue Lagoon when you gain control of Madison. Move forwards and head towards the bar, pushing your way through the crowd. Talk to the bartender. Head towards Paco. Talk to the guard near him and then lean against the dance platform that nobody’s on. Move to the ladies restroom nearby when a woman gets called over to Paco and Madison says about him liking his girls sexy. Put makeup on etc. by the sink and mirror. Now go back and dance on the platform the woman danced on. Get down when you’re talked to and then follow Paco when he gets up.

Do as he says after objecting. When the dancing starts, press the right analog stick up and select the lamp option. Follow the on-screen instructions then. When he’s tied up, follow the on-screen prompts again. Select the busy option when it appears. Again, follow the on-screen prompts. Exit the club then.

Heavy Rain: Norman Jayden - Fish Tank

Head up to where Madison went. I.e. Paco’s room. You’ll face another fight when you investigate Paco’s body and put the ARI glasses on. Do your best again to do well with the quick-time event. Question the guard after the fight, then threaten him. Head back into the room and pick up the glasses, then examine everything. Then leave the club.